April Fashion Inspiration!

It’s time for this month’s fashion inspirations! I’m working hard on dieting right now in hopes that this summer I can really look like the petite, spooky, pastel grump I aim to be! Anywho– here are a few of my inspirations of the month!

1.) April Ludgate


April for April! She’s a fashion inspiration, AND a life inspiration! Aubrey Plaza is really really gorgeous and literally everything that comes out of her character April’s mouth gives breaths life into my grumpy bones! There are tumblrs that track her outfits each episode (but usually they are expensive pieces from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie… I’m more of a Goodwill and Ross Dress For Less kind of gal).

2.) Aly Antorcha

Apparently I’m like WAY out of touch, because I pinned a picture of this gal on ages ago and only just now looked her up for the purpose of this post! Apparently she’s tumblr-famous? And maybe not-well-liked, according to Urban Dictionary? To me, that’s all beside the point, because her hair is WAY gorgeous! Wow!

3.) Megan James

Megan James is part of an electronic group called Purity Ring (which you should totally check out, by the way) and I’m totally obsessed with her look! That hair, that hair!

Who or what are your inspirations this month??


Wednesday Wants Vol. 20

Happy Wednesday, dudez! I’m feelin’ super exhausted this week even though I have nothing really going on. But the good news is hat I have a three day weekend! Friday is my 3 year anniversary with my fella, so I requested the whole weekend off, woohoo! Sunday is Easter and my fella’s brother is officially converting to Catholicism, as his fiance is Catholic. All-in-all, a pretty exciting few days to come! What do you have planned for the holiday?

1.) Peter Pan Collared Dress via Missguided

I’m loooooving this look lately. I really wish I could wear something that just hangs down like this, but oof. It would be a terrible with the bod I’ve got. I’m just not built for loose-fitting clothes.

2.) Seashell Belle Sandals via Modcloth

Waaahhh~! Soooo cute! I’m into Mermaid stuff right now (aren’t we all?), so these are too fuckin’ adorable! I think I may actually just get these guys!

3.) Took a Shower Patch by Hanecdote

I genuinely feel pretty proud of myself when I get a shower. It just feels like such a waste of time, having to make myself shower. Like, I could be watching Rupaul’s Drag Race right now, but I have to go stand in water for 20 minutes! Boo.

4.) Sculpture Pin Curl Tool

I’m super terrible at setting my hair up in pin curls. I’ve got the clumsiest fingers on planet earth, I swear! So I’d really love to have one of these!

5.) Dried Flower Plugs by The Gauge Queen

I haven’t begun stretching my ears yet, but you bettah believe I’ve got a butt-ton to plugs in mind for when I’ve got ‘em stretched out enough!

6.) Nightwing Funko Pop! Figure via Superhero Stuff

My reaction to “Grayson?”

NOT. INTO. IT. But I’ll discuss why in depth later.

Nightwing 4ever!


Winter Soldier thoughts!

So, I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier this weekend! It was probably the Marvel movie I anticipated the most, because out of all of the initial Marvel movies, Captain America was my favorite by a long shot!

I saw the first movie shortly after I started dating my boyfriend. We both enjoyed it so much that it was the first movie that my boyfriend ever went to see in the theaters more than once. Of course it helps that my boyfriend is an out-of-touch war vet, also named Steve, haha. But what we really liked is that there was just ONE hero out there doing good because of good’s sake. In an era of “gritty, realistic” superhero movies, Captain America dared to let the character be what he was: a good person.

So when we went to go see Winter Soldier, we had really high hopes that it would have a similar feel. It did not.

Now, before you start raising your fangirl pitch forks, do know that I enjoyed the movie. But I genuinely feel like it suffered from what a lot of “second-movie-out-of-three” movies can’t seem to avoid. It was all action, with the charm and development of the characters coming in a distant second. Because of this, the movie was just kind of forgettable to me! There were so many action scenes, that nothing really stands out to me until they just finally got to the fucking point right at the end.

Obviously this is all to set up the next movie, but gimme SOMETHING to emotionally latch onto, ya know?

Not only that, but they were trying to make it just as much a Black Widow movie as well as a Cap movie, and I think Natasha really overshadowed Steve a lot of the time. Really this problem could be solved if the powers that be weren’t convinced that a female lead won’t sell tickets so that Black Widow could get her own movie, but that’s a different argument for a different day.

Basically, my reaction is: it was alright. Nothin’ to write home about.

What did y’all think?


March Wrap-up 2014

Hooraaaayy! Finally a month that didn’t totally suck buns! March was a tame, but nice month with weather lookin’ up and lots of happy stuff is happenin’!


Yaaaay, finally! Didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it, but the good thing is that it’ll fade in only a few weeks and I can do it again any way I like! Sorry about my chapped as hell lips. I was out in the cold all night last night!


I went to my first Pirates game of the season last night (hence the chapped lips in the pics above) and it was AH-MA-ZING.We wond 12 to 2. Total annihilation! I’m a huge baseball fan and PNC Park is within walking distance from my house. There will be many more games in my future!


Need I say more?!!! About to rewatch the original entire series– anyone interested in goofy reviews? Heheh.

♫ What I’ve been listening to:

Right now, I’ve been writing a lot and I CANNOT focus on writing when I have music with lyrics in the background. So I’ve been listening to a lot of awesome movie scores to inspire! How can you NOT be filled with inspiration when listening to these great pieces of music?!

  • Lord of the Rings Score – The Shire (Concerning Hobbits) (Oh weeehhhh, I cry every time I hear it!)
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Score – Main Theme (This is a really really important piece of music to me. It solidified in my mind everything that Batman is. Tragedy, darkness, noir, but with a glimmer of hope in a dim world. And it’s composed by a woman, the late Shirley Walker.)

♫ What I’ve been watching:

  • Nothing yet, but I’m going to go see WINTER SOLDIER TONIGHT. AHHHH.

♫ What I’ve been reading:

  • The Magicians by Lev Grossman (Trying to make myself read fiction. This has been advertised as “Harry Potter for Adults.” And while I dislike the implication that adults can’t enjoy Harry Potter, I am liking this too!)

♫ What I’ve been playing:

  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicals (Tales of Symphonia is my favorite game outside of Ocarina of Time and The Last of Us. That it got an HD remaster is SO EXCITING to me. Gonna play for every ending, heheh!) 

Wednesday Wants Vol. 19

What up doooodz! It’s been a fun fun fun week! I got my hair waaaay bleached! Then I dyed it pastel pink. This is the first time I’ve done unnatural hair color and I. LOVE. IT. I was really self-conscious about the blonde, but the pink makes me feel awesome as hell! So fun! Adding in mint soon *winkwonk*

1. Moonrise Kingdom Notebook by Very Troubled Child

I love me a good Wes Anderson film (though I still haven’t seen Grand Budapest Hotel, grrr), and Moonrise Kingdom was cute cute cute! I really identified with Suzy, so this notebook designed to look like the book her parents had in the movie just speaks to me, man.

2.) Love This Life Panties via Modcloth

Here’s something about me: I LOOOOOVE lingerie. I’m obsessed with fancy undies and strutting around in cute underwear (and frankly, being totally naked– let’s be real). It doesn’t get much cuter than these with the cut-out over the booty! Awww! Though my booty could get into better shape before slipping into these, haha.

3.) Eyes on the Ties Blouse via Modcloth

UM. How could I NOT be all over this bear-print blouse. I’m loving the built-in lady tie blouses right now and the fact that it’s printed with tons of little bears is TOO. MUCH. for me. Oh gosh! You have to click through to see the bears, but jeeeze so cute.

4.) Dreamboat Come True Dress via Modcloth

The moment this dress hit Modcloth, I was like:

If I had them dollah billz, I’d have that dress.

5.) Tooth Earrings by Sleepy Mountain

Guess who’s getting her ears re-pierced this weekend? THIS LADY. I want to eventually get to the point where I can wear plugs, but one of the holes is closed up. So it’ll be a loooong time before I can start stretching ‘em, but the first step is to just get them pierced, right?  In the mean time, these would be totally cute post earrings!

6.) X-Files Season 10 Vol 1 via Things From Another World

The X-Files was my first huge non-cartoon TV obsession and I was REALLY disappointed with how it ended. Luckily, in the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the story is continuing in comics! There’s even another comic with the Lone Gunmen as the stars! I haven’t gotten the single issues, but I GOTTA have the trade, dude.


Big change!

So, on Friday, I decided to go through with something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Here are the before and after shots!


Woah! This is a big and meaningful first step for me, confidence-wise, with pastel hair coming soon!

I wanted to actually finally act on my interest and just jump in before I had the time to talk myself out of it. In the past, I’d have filled my Pinterest boards with ideas of what I wished I looked like, but would always somehow talk myself out of it because of this or that– too fat, not enough money, what would people say?

This time I will not indulge my fear of change or being noticed! I’m not backing down, even after ALREADY being told by a near-stranger that they didn’t like it. If this were a couple years ago, I would have been miserable having anything about my looks insulted. But I’m determined to be the person I want to be this year, even if it will attract some negative attention. This is the year I do things for ME.

Updates pictures to come soon!


Wednesday Wants Vol. 18

Dooooodz! Time for another Wednesday post! This week is an exciting one for me because I got a new phone! An iPhone! Movin’ on up in the world, I tell ya what. I also bought some rad as hell lenses for it and the pictures look really nice with ‘em. Way nicer than my old HTC. I can maybe start doing some OOTD posts? Ack! Shy! Ack!

1.) Port of Amsterdam Sweater by Sheila Couture

LOOOOOVE this. And the whole collection, which is inspired by the Netherlands. Random fact about myself: I’ve always wanted to visit the Netherlands. Suuuuch a beautiful country!

2.) dick. Shirt by Strange Love Tees

There are a few comic book characters that I have a lot of emotional investment in. One of those characters is Dick Grayson. I love poking fun at him, though, and what can be funnier than the name “Dick” really?

3.) Bluth Frozen Banana Stand Brooch by Kate’s Little Store


4.) Floral Bow by Becky, Queen of Frocks

I’m soooo addicted to floral on blue right now, ugh ugh. I want everything in floral on blue! I’ll have pastel pinky-peach hair soon and I think this will look good in it (◡‿◡✿)

5.) Never Nude Patch by Leigh La Loves You

Actually, I kind of want this for my boyfriend. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, personally. I love being naked as often as possible! If I had the body for it, I’d do nudie pics– for real! But the boyf feels that “bodies are for being ashamed of!” hahaha! Of course he doesn’t really feel that way. But he DOES hate being naked.

6.) Steve Buscemi Earrings by Harts and Stars