Wednesday Wants! Vol.1

1.) Catamaran Candescence Dress by Modcloth
Is this not the cutest dress ever? I’d love to be wearing it by beach somewhere. … If I liked the beach. Apparently the bust runs big. Thank god! I recently had to return stuff to modcloth because of my 36 F’s. Shopping online can be so traumatic :S

2.) Dalahäst Tea Towel by Lilleputt Studio
I’m Swedish and always had Dala horse stuff around growing up. Now that I’ve moved out, I’d love to have something like this to remind me of my upbringing.

3.) Law of the Landscape Flats by Modcloth
Omg. I’m in love. I have really next to nothing to wear them with, but oh how I want them! If there’s any pair of shoes that most represents who I want to be, it would be something like this. I should really start working towards that, haha.

4.) Goat Horns by EvasFeathers
Goat horns for some reason give me a ton of inspiration when I’m writing! I just want some, okay. I’m pretty sure I could incorporate them into some project eventually.

5.) Pinup Girl and a P38 Lightning
There are a lot of metal signs of this floating around and I’d really love to buy one for my boyfriend. He loves pinup stuff (so do I), and is an Air Force war vet– his favorite plane is the P38 Lightning. So this would be perfect!

6.) Articulated Bat Skeleton by TheCuriodditiesCabin
I love love love bats. Whenever I can get my hands on bat taxidermy and skeletons, I go for it. Unfortunately that costs quite a bit of money. Argh!

7.) Rat Harness by FinePaintingsAndRats
I have a pet rat named Babs. Until last week, I had two rats. Babs lived with her sister Dinah until Dinah passed away from cancer. Rats, in pretty much all circumstances, must live with other rats or they’ll get depressed. I decided against getting a new rat because my boyfriend is allergic to them and Babs is old as it is. To keep her from getting bored, I have to take her out of her cage a lot, but I don’t want her to get hurt (our apartment is hard to rat-proof!). This would be great to have!

8.) I Sky Glasses by Modcloth
I’ve always wanted some tortoise shell half-rim glasses. I don’t know why I don’t just buy them. I guess I feel like a fraud because I don’t wear glasses (though I may have to soon– long story). Wellll…. maybe someday! Gotta buck up the courage!


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