American Queen // Digimon on Netflix (!!!)

So my lovely darling boyfriend works on a paddlewheel boat called the Three Rivers Queen. A couple of days ago, we saw a huuuuge paddle-steamer in the Ohio river as I was taking him to work and it turned out to be the American Queen!

She’s said to be the largest in the world! We had no idea it made stops in Pittsburgh. How exciting! It left that evening, but it got us thinking– how cool would it be to ride on the American Queen! He genuinely loves working on the Three Rivers Queen, but it’s about 1/4 the size of the one pictured above. And have you ever seen pictures of the inside?

Of course, then I saw the cost! Haha, won’t be doing that anytime soon, that’s for sure.


So here’s a tidbit about me: when I was in middle school, I LOVED Digimon. Loved. I have stacks and stacks of CDs I burned in middle school of all the theme songs and songs that the characters’ voice actors sang (Digimon Adventure Christmas carols? I got ’em). All of which I downloaded ever-so-patiently with my dial-up connection. I read and wrote fanfictions, terrible ones, and even bought (and drew!) Doujinshi.

And now it’s on Netflix streaming in both English and Japanese! Oh my goodnesssss! All 104 episodes of the first and second seasons! So yep, that’s what’ll be consuming me for a while. This is actually good news because when I have a really long show to watch, that’s when all my crafts get done and I’m tryna make a bunch of hair accessories and headbands in the coming week. More on that later!


3 thoughts on “American Queen // Digimon on Netflix (!!!)

  1. Um….YES! When I saw Digimon on Netflix I flipped!!!! My brother and I were obsessed with it in middle school too! I remember my brother had Digimon cards, we bought the movie soundtrack (BTW the movie is AWESOME!!!!) and we each had our own “digivice” (They were just toys but they were super awesome) So geeked to see someone else who appreciates Digimon!

    • Oh yes, I love love love Digimon! My brother never had the love for it that I did, but luckily one of my close friends was equally obsessed and we would draw made up Digimon for ourselves and pretend we were Digi-destined! Ahhhh, those were the days!

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