Inmates and Injuries

Dude. Anyone watching Orange is the New Black? Oh my goodness, what a good show. I hadn’t given it any thought at first, but then Netflix played a trailer of it after the new season of Arrested Development and I knew I had to watch it! As you may have heard, the cast of characters is brilliant. Everyone is so fleshed out and has their own backstory that you get to see bits and pieces of.

What I enjoy is that it’s a drama/comedy (dramedy?) that centers on women, but doesn’t center on women’s feelings about men. One of the problems with shows and movies with female protagonists is that they often have their man-problems as the main plot point. Which blows. We ladies got more on our minds than fellas (or romantic interests in general, of course).

This one has some romantic bits, but those bits really are very much side-plots with the women dealing with prison-life at the forefront. Good stuff! And very funny too! And cute! And just watch it, okay!


On the not-so-rad side, I got a call from my brother in Virginia the other night (which already told me something was up, because he NEVER calls on the phone). In his words, “Dad has a boo-boo.”

Apparently, he was cutting branches off a tree and fell off a ladder. He broke one of his ankles and feet, and sprained the other ankle. Like, the bone is sticking out of the leg. Ugh. He’s alright, but has to have surgery soon to set the bone and fix all the foot bone bits. Please send good vibes towards Virginia for my dad!


2 thoughts on “Inmates and Injuries

    • Thanks for your well-wishes! We think he’ll be fine– he’s a trooper. But it never hurts to keep those good vibes rolling, right?

      Oh man, and I super recommend it! Everyone was raving for good reason, turns out!

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