Wednesday Wants Vol.2

1.) Care to Dance heels in Mint by Bait Footwear
I keep seeing these on girls all over the web and I just covet them, oh my gosh. They are so cute and mint is just such a flattering color on fair skin + red hair (and I imagine everyone else too)! I WILL be buying them eventually! Another plus is that the heel is itty bitty! I’m too much of a klutz to handle a real heel, heheh.

2.) Literary Luncheon Dress from Modcloth
I want this so bad, I can taste it! It went out of stock so quickly, I couldn’t manage to nab one up in time. I’ll be laying in wait though. By god, I WILL have it!

3.) Long Chain Drifter Necklace from Modcloth
Man, oh man. What a beautiful necklace! The concept is cool enough and totally my style (I love animal bones!), but the details of the necklace are wow wow wow really nice! Go to the website and take a closer look. Wow, so lovely. But a little pricey. But worth it??

4.) Breaking Bad Brooch by KatesLittleStore
Ahhhhh! Do any of y’all watch Breaking Bad (new season this Sunday, yesss!). I just adore Jesse. Poor thing; I want to cradle him and shield him from this terrible worlddd! Anyway, this is something he says in the show and ahh heehee (okay, yeah, I basically have a crush on Jesse, so sue me).

5.) This House by Some Victorian Fellows, I guess!
MY boyfriend and I have been tossing around the idea of buying this house for a while. Maaaaybe, ahhhh! We live in an apartment that’s 1/6th of a Victorian mansion that the former co-owner of the Penn Brewery has built for himself in the 1890’s. The house pictured is right around the corner, and was built to house the family of one of the brewery workers! I hope we can get it!

6.) Rain Rain Grow Away Boots from Modcloth
Can anyone truly have enough floral boots? I SAY NAY. These ones are rubber rain boots, apparently, but are kind of reminiscent of Dr. Marten’s. And you don’t even want to get me started on all the things I want from Dr. Marten’s, oh boy!

7.) Map of America from Bourbon and Boots
My boyfriend and I are obsessed with maps and flags. We actually DON’T have a map of America yet, though! How weird! I want to get it so we can mark off the states we’ve been to. Visiting all 50 is up there on my bucket list. Unfortunately I’m not too well-traveled within the US.

8.) Arkham City Riddler Trophy Replica from ThinkGeek
I guess I really haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’m a total comic book fanatic. I’m MOST smitten with the 80’s Justice League (my favorite characters being Booster Gold and Blue Beetle), but the Bat Family has a very special place in my heart too. Aside from that, Arkham Asylum/City were just plain great games! I’d love to have this, but that PRICE. Youch!


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol.2

    • Me too! We’ll see! Our lease is up in October and we pretty much need to decide by then. Ahhh!

      And sure, I’ll definitely check out your site! Thanks for visiting mine!

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