Busy busy // Meet Babs!

Being an introvert can be tough sometimes, don’t you think? My plate is so full lately that I didn’t have any time to rest last week until yesterday!

Even then, I still had to clean the whole house while my boyfriend was at work. I don’t mind that, though. Somehow tidying up helps close up the battle wounds that socializing inflicts on me. I have even more socializing to do tonight, then a safety committee meeting tomorrow at a library I’ve never been to. Ahhhh. And if you know anything about Pittsburgh, having to drive to  new place can be STRESS.FUL. The roads here are a horror beyond horror to this native Virginian.

Because I’ve been so busy with this and that, I don’t have any good content to post at the moment, but I DO have this rad action shot of my rat, Babs.

I captured this shot as a fluke while trying to coax her out of her box to clean her cage. She hates being put in her carrier while having her house done. This is what she looked like before being bribed with Yogis:

She must have known what was coming. But then she’s always so happy afterward in her clean house! What a little brat.

She lived with her sister, Dinah, up until about three weeks ago. Dinah had a tumor that grew so rapidly that by the time I got her to a vet, it was recommended that I have her put down. It’s so sad; I really blamed myself somehow. But I knew it was the best thing for her to be put to sleep. Sigh… Babs has gotten used to it as well and only seemed depressed for a couple of days. With lots of attention, she’s as chipper as ever.

Maybe I’ll do more posts about her soon. She IS my baby, after all!


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