Wednesday Wants Vol. 3

Another volume of Wednesday Wants! Sorry for skipping last week’s! I swear to you, I’m usually not that busy (for real, I got nothin’ going on, normally!). Anywho, lets just move right along!

1.) Pug Backpack by Tamarakraft

Haha, I don’t know why I find this so funny and charming, but I totally do. It’s the same kind of charm that’s in those “Hang in there, baby” cat posters, I suppose! I’ve never had one of these drawstring bags before. It always seems to me like they would be uncomfortable, but so many people like them, so I guess nottt???

2.) Bear Brooch by TwoBlackCatsStudio

Oh my goodness! This is perfect! The whole shop is perfect!! I love everything this shop makes, but black bears are especially close to my heart! They’re one of my top favorite animals! Doesn’t help that I have a lot of home-town pride and Virginia has the largest concentration of black bears in the world!

3.) Feelin’ Refreshed Dress by Modcloth

How cute is this dress? Ahhhhh! I guess it’s nostalgia, but I love anything that reminds me of Fruit Stripe Gum (in looks, not in flavor, haha!). I’ve looked at how other girls have styled this dress, and the options seem endless! The only problem is that the fabric doesn’t provide stretch and my bust… well. It might not work out.

4.) LaMarquise Glasses by BonLook

It’s come to my attention that I may need to get glasses soon. I’ve always had excellent vision and never even thought to go get an eye exam. Well, I had to have one done to get my Pennsylvania license, and…. my vision is not as great as I thought it was. These glasses are calling to me like a siren song. I want I want I want! Maybe soon, haha.

5.) No New Friends Shirt by Stay Home Club

Never has a shirt understood me so well! No. New. Friends. I’ve got, like, 4. And that’s really all I need. I know I’m a real curmudgeon, but having a bunch of friends is such a huge responsibility! And having to socialize saps my life juices! Really anything in the Stay Home Club shop would apply to me!

6.) Style Surge Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

SO PERFECCCCT. Give it to me now. I have the terrible combination of pale skin, ultra-pigmented lips, and red hair. Con-sarnet, is there any lipstick out there that would work for me?! But this one is too wonderful. It’s not in MAC’s shop anymore, but you can get it in the Nordstom shop! (P.S. The picture I posted is Christine of Temptalia‘s. It was the only good shot of a tube I could find!)

7.) Tales of Xillia

I’ve been waiting for a western release of this for TWO YEARS. And now that it’s finally here, I  don’t have the money for it! ACK! I’ve been a huge fan of the Tales since, like, forever. I probably played Tales of Symphonia about 7 times! I hear this one is really good, though the lack of an overworld map is a little disappointing to me (I love the grind!). Next paycheck, though, and this baby’s mine!

8.) Kitty Pencil Pouch by LostPigeon

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I have an obsession with pencil pouches, and have really been wanting a new one. The one I have is a pouch my Japanese homestay mom gave me– it was a souvenir from her trip to Vietnam. I’ve been using it since my travel abroad trip in 2006. Maybe it’s time to retire it! The shop itself has a lot of cute pouches and totes, also, so go check it out!


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