Wednesday (or not?) Wants Vol. 4

Whelp, it took forever, but here are my very belated Wednesday Wants!

1.) Atomic Wonder Woman Statue found at Entertainment Earth

So so so so cool. As you know, I love comic books. And you you may have guessed from my “About Me” picture, I LOVE Wonder Woman. Aside from Pin Up Wonder Woman, this might be my favorite alternate universe iteration of her! I mean, a post-apocalypse Wondie with a chainsaw staff and a skirt made of the ties of her fallen enemies? Yeah please!

2.) German Chalet-Style Cuckoo Clock by Cuckoo Palace

Something I’ve ALWAYS wanted but could never have is a cuckoo clock! My mom haaaates them and is very easily annoyed by noises like that. BUT. Now I’m all moved out with lovely eastern European boyfriend and I know it’s something he would love to have too! I can’t afford a new one, so I’m hoping to snag one at an estate sale, since Pittsburgh has a big German population.

3.) Beaver in a Canoe Necklace by What a Novel Idea

So cute! Hahaha, I’ve never seen a necklace quite like this! Actually, all the jewelry in this shop is really unique! I had a hard time picking out what I love the most, but I’m really into Americana and American wildlife right now, so the beaver to me is perfect! What I’d wear it with, though, I have no idea!

4.) Chainsaw-carved Welcome Bear by CarvNStitch

Another thing I’ve ALLLLLWAYS wanted is a chainsaw-carved bear! When I buy my first house, this is a total must-have for me! Again, I love all sorts of Americana, and what better than a chainsaw-carved black bear welcoming visitors into your home!

5.) Sight-seeing is Believing Cardigan by Modcloth

As if I need ANY more mustard colored cardigans. But ugh ugh ugh, I waaaant it! I have so many navy-colored dresses that the print on this would look awesome with! But I also want to be careful of moving into this territory:

6.) Little Mistress Skater Dress by ASOS

That dress THAT DRESS. Oh man, I want it so bad! It has kind of a Black Swan sort of look and I LOVE it. So many dresses now-a-days seem to be made for girls who don’t need bras. I am not one of those girls. So I like that it has a faux-bare center instead of being completely made of mesh (*ahem* like many dresses on ASOS).

7.) Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker on Amazon

I don’t have a slow cooker. The jig is up. It’s, like, the one thing I neglected to buy before I moved out of my parents’ place and boy oh boy do I need one! I work a 9 to 5 and my boyfriend has a very irregular work schedule. So unless he’s home with me (not often), I just don’t feel like cooking. This would make things so so so easy!

8.) Lucianna Mustard Pumps by Ruche

Okay! Yes! I’m in love with the color mustard! I just can’t get enough. And now that I know that I can comfortably wear heels (and big ones at that!), I’m going shoe-shopping crazy! Too bad my budget is so tight lately. Rather, it’s probably a good thing, or I’d be swimming in shoes right now!


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