Hairstyles for Square Faces, though?

So I have a confession to make.

I haven’t had my hair cut by a professional in probably about six or seven years. I’ve either not wanted to spend the money, not wanted to leave my house to go get it done (thanks, misanthropy!), or just plain didn’t know what I wanted. So I’ve been doing what any totally wise gal would do– I’ve been cutting it myself.

This has resulted in some– ahem– interesting haircuts and styles.

So, I’ve decided to do the adult thing and get my hair cut by someone who’s actually trained and has more than just an inkling of they’re doing.

The problem I’m running into is that I love so so so many styles, but I’m not sure I’d love them on me. I have a very square face and a huge wide jaw. Let us have a look at my face, shall we?

moi2 moi1

As square as they come (I like to say it’s because I have a high percentage of neanderthal DNA, but I don’t actually know that, haha)!

From my research, it seems that anything that creates a hard line is what I’d want to avoid. I’ve done blunt bangs before, and even though I liked them, they truly did make my face seem even more… square. And right now my hair just kind of hangs limply around my face (and is thin, which is doubly unflattering), making it seems like I’m all jaws!

Lookin’ around on the web, I think I’ve finally found some inspiration! Here’re a few of my favorites:


I’ve never had hair this short before, and I feel like I’d really enjoy it! Super cute! And you can do this with or without bangs!

Ashley Benson 22nd Birthday Celebration at Vanity Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 17, 2011

The makeup might be selling me a little on this one too, but dang! Lookin’ good! I need to figure out how to get this kind of volume!

And my biggest square-head hair inspiration of all: Mandy Moore!

MandyMooreMediumHairstyle mmhair

MTV TRL With Mandy Moore Mandy_Moore_Short_Hair_23

She gives me faith that a girl with a square jaw and fine hair can look good with long, medium, AND short hair, which is something I’ve always been terrified to try.

Now, it’ll probably take me several more months to buck up the courage to get my hair done. But at least I know I CAN look good!

What issues do you run into regarding haircuts?




26 thoughts on “Hairstyles for Square Faces, though?

  1. Good luck with the haircut! I always find that I get the best haircuts when I leave it in the hands of my stylists. That said, it’s not always a winning situation. I have LOTS of fine hair, so if someone isn’t familiar with my hair type, they’ll make it a big choppy mess. Otherwise I usually just say, “All I know is I want to trim up the bangs and keep a simialar length. Do your thing!”

    Looking forward to seeing your new ‘do!

    Ladyface Blog

    • Yeah, I have a feeling that’s exactly the route I’m going to take. I’m often really unadventurous when it comes to hair, so I think I’m just going to let my stylist (whoever that’ll be) do what he or she wants. Hopefully it turns out nice! If not, it’s just hair, I suppose!

      Thanks– I’ll be sure to post pictures whenever I decide to go get it done!

  2. Oooh getting a haircut is always a mismatch of struggles for me. Sometimes I’m daring and want to go for the bob but end up looking like a 7th grader. I’m currently growing out my hair but the ends are getting rough so now I know it’s time for another haircut. Hopefully, my stylist won’t mess it up this time. Good luck with yours! I love Ashley Benzo’s style! Your right, her volume is amazing!

    Simply Akshara

    • Haha, oh the bob! Seems like a bob can go one of two ways– it looks amazing and edgy and chic, or it makes you look like a child! I’m with you in the 7th-grader category, unfortunately! Good luck with your upcoming haircut too! Crossing my fingers that both of our stylists have mercy on our hair!

    • Oh yeah, you’re right! Come to think of it, I was rockin’ the Rachel a few years back (not to mention, a few years too late, haha!) and it did look pretty good! I’ll definitely take a look through her hairstyles for some inspiration! Thank you!

    • I’m really considering it! I mean, I’ve accidentally created much worse hair situations than a shorter ‘do than I anticipated, just on my own! So why NOT try it?

      If you want to cut your own hair, I say go for it (but then, I’ve never been shy about that kind of thing). Just watch, like, a million youtube tutorials first, haha!

  3. I think the last time I went to the hairdressers was three years ago for a trim and I was -very- specific about what I wanted (mostly because of a horrible feather-y mullet I was given when I was a teen…Oh the horror!) The short styles are so pretty (and so easy to manage!) Looking forward to seeing your new ‘do!

    • Yikes, haha! I think we’ve all had those terrible experiences before, oh my gosh. Worst! I can’t even remember my last time at a salon, but we’ll see if I’m daring enough to go short. It’ll be my first time, if I do!

    • You think! I would love to try something like that, but going back to a center part makes me nervous! Though I suppose I could easily try it without committing to a haricut, haha!

  4. Ah, I’ve just started the process of googling hairstyles for my next hair cut. I go through a cycle of growing my hair really long then getting it cut really short, then repeat every few years. This time I’m planning to go shorter than ever. Scary! Short hair is definitely something you have to prepare yourself for well in advance!

  5. I also have a very square jawline and I thought all of these cuts would be perfect with your face. I happen to have very thin hair so I normally wear it up and away from my face, but if I had decent hair I would go for the cut with the makeup that you liked. That was my favorite.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

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