Wednesday Wants Vol.

Time for another Wednesday Wants! I was alllllmost late. But I just made it, heh heh! Primarily, the reason for being so late is that I didn’t have Photoshop installed on my new computer yet, but as always a little pinch of procrastination was involved too.

1.) Very Important Date Necklace by ModCloth

I’m not a huuuuuge fan of Victorian type things. I like it alright, but it’s just not MY style. This really caught my eye, though. I’m not looking for a super high quality time piece— I just want a pretty accessory! This fits the bill and would look damn good with some of my favorite outfits!

2.) Bmo Watch by the Cartoon Network Shop

I LOVE Adventure Time. No seriously. I’m obsessed. I’ve seen every episode several times each— I’ve drawn out correlation maps, I love speculating. All that mess. And even that aside, it’s still the most enjoyable cartoon to hit the TV in a loooong time. One of my favorite characters is BMo, so I’d love to get ahold of this watch for my louder outfits!

3.) Outfox the Eye Scarf by ModCloth

Cute cute cute cute! What else can I say? It’s scarf weather soon, so I gotta get a move on with buying entirely too many!

4.) Arrested Development Brooch by Kate’s Little Store

Another show I love is Arrested Development. I dare you to find a show that has more convoluted in-jokes and smarter dialog than this one.  You could rewatch it dozens of times and still not catch all the self-references and inside jokes! I’d love to own  little tribute to the show to wear around!

5.) Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Somebody please hand me a 3DS. There are a lot of good games out on the system right now, but I think this is the one I want the most (That’s right, more than Animal Crossing) when I DO get a 3DS. I’ve been playing Harvest Moon since childhood and I still can’t get enough of it. It helps that they say this is the best installment of the game in ages!

6.) Lincoln Pillow by Passive Juice Motel

Okay, let’s first address this Etsy shop’s name. Hilarious! But really.. the point is that this pillow is awesome. I think it would look great in our living room as a throw pillow! Babe-raham Lincoln!

7.) Eternal Daydream Tee by ModCloth

I don’t get stuff like this often, but oh MAN do I love this shirt! I’m forever wishing my boobs were smaller so T-Shirts wouldn’t hang off my body like a tent. Ah well. I figure I could tuck it into a skirt and add some red suspenders, but we’ll see (should I ever buy it!).

Sorry if the post became unreadable midway through– I took some sleeping pills earlier and I am fully in their grasp right now! Yeesh! Thus, I am retiring for the evening. Goonight, y’all!


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