Wednesday Wants Vol. 6

Sorry about being gone for son long, y’all! It’s been an intensely hectic couple of weeks for me (and it’s not letting up anytime soon), but I’ll try to make more time for blogging a priority! I promise!

1.) Hey Arnold Logo Necklace by Von Trash Jewellry

Here’s the thing. I love love love love love Hey Arnold! It was such a smart show– I can still watch it all the time and enjoy new things about it. My only wish is that they had been able to continue it like they thought they would. The writers had a lot planned for the show, but it was abruptly cancelled. Ah well :S

2.) Chipmunk Brooch from Alphabet Suitcase

As I’ve mentioned before, I love America’s forest wildlife! Anything having to do with our native animals, I pretty much lap up (you don’t even want to know how many bear documentaries I’ve watched). So an adorable chipmunk brooch?! I’m there!

3.) Cat Figurine from Vintage by Jade

CUUUUTE. I love these kinds of kitschy figurines. I would do my whole house up in kitsch if I had the money (and didn’t rent, weehh). I have several figurines of different animals (and.. well yeah, more cats). The whole shop is filled with really cute vintage collectibles, so go take a look!

4.) Haku British Tan Boots by B.A.I.T. Footwear

These. Shoes. Are. Everything. OMG. I want them so badly, I can taste ’em! I’ve always been a combat boot type of gal (I’ve had the same pair since high school), but lately fashion boots with heels are really drawing me in lately. And these ones really are gorgeous, not to mention perfect for fall!

5.) Plaid to Help Dress from Modcloth

Speaking of perfect for fall— PERFECTTTT. I can see this styled so many awesome ways! What else can I say? It’s screaming my name!

6.) Boombox Bear Print by CollageOrama

Admittedly, there are like a million things like this on etsy. But I don’t care because this one is a black bear (love!) holding up a boobox. Maybe trying to impress a lover? :D

7.) A tattoo from Loose Screw Tattoo

Confession: I don’t have any tattoos yet. Not for lack of wanting one, mind you. It’s just that I’ve always been in the poor house and could never afford one at the quality I want. My hometown, Richmond, VA, is not only one of the most tattooed cities in the United States, it’s also home to many many talented artists like Jesse Smith who was a contestant on Ink Master season 2. While I don’t necessarily want a tattoo from him, his shop is quite nice and I’d love to get inked there!


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 6

    • I’m trying my best to save up! I want to get a half-sleeve that’s Virginia-themed. Virginia is my home, even though I live in Pittsburgh now, and I’m still so attached to it. :>

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