Wednesday Wants Vol. 7

1.) After the Hike Pants at Modcloth

J’adore! Oh man! Are there more perfect pants in the world? Alright, yeah, that could be an exaggeration. But dang– I DO want them! I don’t own any olive green pants (or many pairs of pants at all, honestly), and these would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe!

2.) Brass Ribcage Brooch by Your Organ Grinder

I love bone, organ, and basically ~insides~ themed jewelry. Yeah, that’s a pretty niche interest, I guess. But whatever man. Get that brooch on my clothes!

3.) Barn Owl Necklace by Handy Maiden

Barn owls are the best! Something about them reminds me of some kind of goddess of the forest. Or protector or wise one. Or something! In reality, they swallow their prey whole and puke up their bones and fur. Which is pretty neat too, I guess. Anyways, the whole shop is filled with neat critter necklaces and totems. Go check it out!

4.) DC Bombshells series Wonder Woman at Entertainment Earth

LOVE. Love love love. Pin-up + my favorite DC ladies? Yes, puh-lease! I love all of them, but I gotta have my lady Diana. I’d say my next favorite is Poison Ivy. Bea-U-Ti-Ful! Luckily my boyfriend looooves old pin-ups, or he might not like me decorating our apartment with comic book stuff, haha!

5.) “Nothing” Pennant by Stay Home Club

As a lazy misanthrope, there’s no shop I feel “gets it” quite like Stay Home Club. Everything they have to offer has me saying, “Yup. Me too, man.” The reason I want this is because I’m infamous among everyone I meet for playfully calling all sports, “Sportsball.” I’ll proudly wave this on Steelers game days!

6.) Animal Crossing: New Leaf at Gamestop

I finally got that 3DS I’ve been wanting! Right now I’m playing Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (which you can find on a past Wednesday Wants list) and it’s a blast! But I’d love to visit the towns of all my buds who have the game already and RAVE about it. I’ve played past games, but I hear this one is a huge improvement! Can’t wait!

7.) Southern Charmer Shirt at Modcloth

I may be living in Pittsburgh now, but I was raised in Virginia and consider myself to be a southern gal in a northern town. One of the main things people notice first about me is that I don’t say “you guys” or “yinz,” but “y’all.” Although people poke at me a bit about it, I’m proud of my “y’all” and would happily wear this shirt!


22 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 7

    • They really do! I almost bought all of the t-shirt versions recently while I was in Canada, but all the sizes were too big. Glad I held off, because I’d much rather wear them out and about than around the house!

  1. Ummmm….#2, yes! The human skeleton is absolutely gorgeous. When I still lived at home I tore skeleton pictures out of my medical dictionary and decoupaged them to my ceiling fan blades. It was pretty hard core but it sounds like you would probably have loved it. :)

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