Wednesday Wants vol. 8

1.) Tie Dye Cat Sweatshirt by Pretty Snake

Eeeeeep, I want it so much! I loooove the crew-neck sweatshirt look that’s popular right now. I don’t think it would be appropriate for my job though (on my budget, all my clothes need to multitask for both fun and work!). AND, I’m so busty, that sweatshirts make me look bigger than I am. I’d have to buy it pretty fitted. Hmmm… maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, though!

2.) Holly Golightly dress by Fleet Collection

Jeeeezuzzz! So so so so cute! I want one in every single color! I’m immediately drawn to the mustard one, but I thought, “NOPE. No more mustard-colored clothes, Elyse, you’ve had enough!” But what I don’t have is a lot of red clothes! So the burgundy might be really cute for the holiday season!

3.) Space Cat Ornament by Two Black Cats Studio

So I don’t have a Christmas tree yet. Depressing, I know! D: But what I do have is the little pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas tree and I just adoooore it! How can it NOT stir up a bunch of feelings when you look at it?! But it can’t accommodate too many heavy ornaments. But this would be perfect! Cats! Space! What could be wrong with that?!

4.) Moon Stick Replica by Proplica

HNNNGGHH! Ohhhhh myyyyy~! As you know (or do you? I just assume everyone does), Sailor Moon is being remade next year! So they’ve started releasing merchandise and the first thing is this Moon Stick replica for adults. It’s fairly expensive, but it is ohhh sooo lovely! I want it like woah (can you tell that I’m going to be raving over the new Sailor Moon when it comes out?).

5.) Skull Brooch by Maddy Young Art

Hee~! How cute is this? I love things that kind of make the macabre or gross or anatomic look cute! So how could I not love this cute little skull brooch with its little jewel eyes and starry forehead and glittery cause of death? For all these brooches I’ve been interested in, I’ll be needing more collared clothes!

6.) Floral Tights by Hansel from Basel

I adore floral-patterned stuff! ALL floral stuff! I’m already dreaming up my Rococo style Marie Antoinette-ish walk in closet in my future home, heheh! Naturally, I love floral tights. I have about a million pairs, but these ones are a little more subdued. Perfect for work– not that I’ve ever been shy about wearing floral tights to work!


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