20 Facts!

Hey y’all! One thing I really love that others post are “facts about me” type things! I loooove learning about the bloggers I follow. I love learning about others in general. But I’m all a bit self-centered, hah, so I never shy away from posting facts about myself! And since I want to focus on making this blog more about me and less about ~what a blog should be~ I thought it might be a good idea for y’all to get to know me a little more. So here we go!

(My Wednesday Wants is coming later tonight, by the way!)

1.) I was born and raised in Midlothian, a town right outside of Richmond, VA. It’s the town that the movie Donnie Darko was based off of, and I went to the high school that the writer/director went to. It’s my one huge pride regarding my home, despite the way it’s portrayed, hah (it really is a very rich town, although I was one of the poor ones and was shunned by my peers because of that and other reasons). As a kid with a lot of mental health issues in a town like that, I really relate to the movie. Except the time travelling part. Not that part.


2.) I lived in Japan for a short time after high school to study the language. I lived in a town called Ota in the Gunma prefecture and studied Japanese 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! I also practiced Judo, Shodo, and Zazen while I was there. In case you’re wondering, I did get to spend a week in Tokyo and Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku are way way fun! I’d love to go back!

3.) I’m not attracted to dudes or ladies or any non-binary gendered peoples! Never have been! I love my boyfriend and think he’s cute and the best, but I never look at people and think “daaaaammmn! I’d love to smooch on that sexy person!” I can’t imagine putting my lips (or whatever else, heh) on a person I didn’t have feelings for, because of that reason. I dunno, man. My misanthropy runs deep, hahah!

4.) I’ve lost 50 lbs since 2011! That’s not a crazy amount and not that short of a time, but it means a lot of me. I worked really hard, messed up a lot, felt bad, felt awesome– and I still have about 15 lbs to go before reaching my ultimate goal! But once I get Thanksgiving and my friend’s wedding out of the way, it’s back on the horse!

5.) I can’t remember my real hair color… Is it light brown? Dark blonde? I just can’t remember. I’ve been a ginger for so many years and had black hair for years before that! What’s under there?!

6.) I can very easily remember number sequences after writing them or typing them once. After that, I nearly never forget. Dunno why, man, I just can. But I’m terrible at math, so it’s not as if I’m “good with numbers” or anything! Quite the conundrum.

7.) I’m obsessed with bra fit! Because I’m a 36FF in UK sizes and a 36G in US sizes, I’ve come to really really care about proper bra fit and the ethics of the bra industry. I won’t get into it in full right now, but almost every bra-wearing person in America is sized incorrectly and that’s because Victoria’s Secret has set a standard for incorrect fitting so that they don’t have to make bigger cup sizes. I’ll probably be writing up a whole post about this later. Prepare for boobage.

8.) Most of my childhood dream jobs have to do with cartoons or comics. I’ve wanted to be a comic writer or artist, a cartoon story-boarder, a voice actor. If it has to do with cartoons, I wanted (and let’s be real– I still want) to be a part of it!

(I’d sell my soul to work on Bee and Puppycat)

9.) Aint got no tattoos. Aint got no piercings. To be fair, I can still work an earring into my right ear, but the left is like “Nope nope nope!” I want to re-pierce ’em and eventually stretch them to fit plugs. But. You know. The laziness. Also, I want some tattoos like you don’t even know (well, you probably do), but I just can’t afford it yet! Boo hoooo….

10.) I’ve played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time probably about 15 times through! Maybe more? Hah. And I’ve owned it on 4 consoles! N64, Gamecube, Wii, and 3DS. Gotta have it man. Feels good man.

11.) I hate clubbing ssSSssOOOOO MUCCHHH. Jezis. I’ve been brought to clubs numerous times and it’s just the worst. Dudes dancin’ all up on ya. Loud. Everyone is taller than me so I’m scared and overwhelmed. Yuck. Worst. Also, I can’t dance so there’s that.

12.) My favorite movie is the Iron Giant. Waaaahhh it’s just so good, y’all. I think it’s beloved, but really underrated. Cold War paranoia is my favorite movie backdrop, it’s beautifully animates, has heart. So good. I’d love to get an Iron Giant tattoo one day!

13.) I’m a college drop-out! Whomp whomp… Well… kind of? I started going to community college when I returned from Japan, but had NO IDEA what I wanted to do. That, coupled with mental health issues made it difficult for me to pass my courses. I just can’t make myself do the homework. So after a bunch of failed attempts, pleading with the dean, and wasting a bunch of money, I just quit. Now that I have a goal in mind, I’m going to start going to school again here in Pittsburgh. Memo to everyone: Just because you’re 18, doesn’t mean you’re ready for higher education!

14.) I don’t actually like cats all that much more than any other animal. There, I said it! I’ve had cats all my life and I love my cats to bits, but I don’t especially love cats in a general sense.

on that note…

15.) My favorite animal is the bear! I like all bears, but here are my favorite bears, in order: The Sun Bear, the American Black Bear, the Sloth Bear, the Panda Bear (specifically the Qinling Panda!), the Asiatic Black Bear, The Polar Bear, then the Brown Bear (including grizzlies). I’m hoping to get a black bear tattoo as a part of my Virginia heritage tattoo~

16.) I draw a wee little bit. I don’t practice at all, so my ability is not what it should be, but I do enjoy it!

ManaTR… Theodore Roosevelt. If he were a manatee.

17.) I have dermatographia. Also known as the skin-writing disorder. It’s much much better now, but it used to be that anything pressed against my skin would cause a line of hives where the contact was made. So I could draw on my skin in hives! Pretty neat. Also itchy.

18.) I live in 1/6th of a Victorian mansion! Back in the day, here in Pittsburgh, two dudes built a brewery in the neighborhood of Troy Hill. It was called the Ober and Eberhardt Brewery. They each built mansions up on the hill, and I live in the one that as owned by Mr. Eberhardt. Now the brewery is called the Penn Brewery and that story is mostly lost, but I love telling it!

19.) I can’t make myself go to bed unless my pee is clear. There’s a weird one. But hey, I like to make sure  I’m hydrated before bed. I get really really dry skin throughout the night which causes me to feel really warm??? So yep, if my pee aint clear, I haven’t rank enough water for the night!

20.) I’m half Irish, a fourth Swedish, and a fourth Norwegian. I tend to identify more with the Scandinavian side, though, simply because of how I look. I take completely after my dad’s (the scandinavian) side, haha. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy my Irish heritage as well. I’m very proud of both sides! 

Anywho– I tag anyone who wants to do this as well. As I said, I love reading about others! Link me back to your blog post is you do it, or post ’em here if ya feel like it!


6 thoughts on “20 Facts!

  1. I love these kinds of posts, just because I’m a little bit nosey and like finding out things about people ^_^ I like your little picture, it’d be cool to see some of your other doodles! I too hate clubbing, love The Iron Giant and am terrible at maths. Also, I read ‘Ain’t got no tattoos, ain’t got no piercings’ to the tune of Talking Heads’ ‘Life During Wartime’. Woo~

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