Wednesday Wants Vol. 9


1.) I’m So Tired shirt by Hello Apparel

Would it be somehow passive-aggressive to wear this one to work? Heheheh. Well, I want it anyway!

2.) Hunks mug by Kate Beaton via Topatoco

Who doesn’t like some hunks in their life, huh?! I get to look at my own hunk every morning, but why not two more? P.S. There’s no goddamn way you don’t know who Kate Beaton is, but in case you’ve been missing out, PUH-LEASE go read some Hark! A Vagrant, right now!

3.) Bone Bracelet by Alphabet Suitcase

I love simple, minimal, cute macabre things! Little bone bracelet? Yup! And that price is great!

4.) Skeleton Hair Clips by Tons of Sellers on Etsy

Unfortunately, these were sold and I couldn’t find the shop that sells this particular set. LUCKILY, they’re pretty much all over Etsy and I WANT ’em! Another little accessory that would even out an very cute, sweet outfit, doncha think?

5.) Ingredients for One Amazing Person shirt by Ryan North via Topatoco

Ryan North is the writer of the only webcomic I’ve been keeping up with for 10 straight years, Dinosaur Comics. If you haven’t read any, omg please do. Only the genius of Ryan North can make the same panels so funny every day for 10 years now. But anyways, this shirt is great and actually lists the ingredients of a human being! What could be better?!

6.) Breaking Bad prayer candles by Greaser Creatures

BEST SHOP EVER. Omg. Prayer candles for whatever you want, haha. Star Wars, The Munsters, Edgar Allen Poe! And yes, obviously, Breaking Bad. I’d love to have these, but I feel like I’d rather even give these as a gift. I know lots of Breaking Bad fans who’d get a real kick out of these!




2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 9

  1. Ooh I love that little bracelet, it’s so pretty! And I think I might have to get my brother some of those Breaking Bad prayer candles, he’d find them hilarious!

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