Wednesday Wants Vol. 10

1. Hey Y’all Pin by Thora Ford

As I’ve mentioned, I may live in Pittsburgh, but I was raised in Virginia. Back then, saying “y’all” was just what one would say when addressing more than one person (or if you’re from the deeeeep south, you could call one person “y’all” too, heehee). But now it’s a matter of pride! People always ask me where I’m from when I say it, and I’m plenty proud to answer, “Richmond, Virginia!”

2. Bear Leggings by KinShip Goods

“Okay okay, enough with the bear stuff,” I hear you mutter. NEVER. My LIFE is bear themed! Where other have cats, I have black bears. Well. Except for as pets. I do not have bears in place of cats as pets. You can tell from how I’m still alive.

3. Pelvis Necklace by Handsome Egg

Here’s an interesting fact about myself: I see a pelvis or sex organs in literally every rorschach test! No butterflies or people or whatever. Only pelvises. I’m scared to know what people could extrapolate from that tidbit, but there you have it! Anywho, I’d love to have this freakin’ awesome pelvis necklace! What a conversation piece! (PS — COOOOLEST SHOP)

4. Starlight Hearted Dress via Modcloth

New years is just around the corner!! Have you found your sparkly party dress yet?! This one is a little expensive for my ever-thinning wallet, but dang, it’s so cute amirite?!

5. Meteorite Ring by Jewelry by Johan

Want some jewelry with real meteorite in it?! Here ya fuckin’ go! Who knew, right?! This dude also makes rings with wood inlays and all sorts of neat stuff! If I ever get married *cough cough nudge at boyfriend* I think it would be really neat to get wedding bands from his shop!

6. Rivers Cuomo Astronaut print by Redfunkovich

Another tidbit! Weezer is my favorite band! Has been for many years– I don’t see that changing all too soon. One of my biggest dreams is to take the Weezer Cruise! UGH UNFAIR. I WANT TO GO. TEMPER TANTRUM TIME. But I digress. What could be better than space or Rivers? Rivers in space, clearly. What could be wrong with that?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 10

  1. I -adore- that dress, how fantastically sparkly and pretty would you look in something so lovely? A real show stopper! And having meteorite in a ring is so special and unique. Great finds!

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