Wednesday Wants Vol. 11

1.) Honeybee Necklace by JTopolski

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this here, but aside from black bears, I’m also obsessed with bees! Both honey and bumble! I’ve really been wanting to take a beekeeping course here in Pittsburgh offered by Burgh Bees, but I’m totally fuckin’ broke, whomp whomp…. So a resolution of mine is to take the course and get my own hive at the apiary!

2.) BodyBugg by BodyMedia

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve got 15 more pounds before I’m at my long-term goal weight. The BodyBugg measures your sweat, heartrate, and all the fancy mess to calculate the calories you’ve burned in a day! Go online, plug in your food intake, and you’re able to track your in and out calories to see exactly how much weight you should be losing. How rad is that?!

3.) Simplified Life Everything Kit by Clean Mama Printables

One thing I want to do this year organize my life. One thing about me that y’all didn’t know is that I have ADHD-I. Been this way all my life. And as much as I love organizing, I literally can’t get anything done in life. I meet almost no goals, no matter how simple. I have a mental block! So maybe set lists will help me out!

4.) Makeup Organizer by Crafter’s Calendar

One of my weaknesses is makeup. Dear lord I have so effin’ much. And such a small apartment. Yuuuurrrggghhh. I really need something like this to help my my “Organize It!” resolution! Anyway, this shop has a ton of good organizers, if you’re in need of some order, yourself!

5.) Enso-printed Zafu Cushion by Inspirazen

I hate to bring up anything to do with my religious beliefs of practices on the blog, because it’s always such a hot topic, but whatever here it is. I’ve practiced Buddhism for some years now. It’s the only belief system that, for me, makes sense while personally enriching and improving my life and allowing and encouraging skepticism and contemplation. In the past year, I practiced less and less and I want to get back to it in 2014. What better way than to finally get a zafu? I way prefer seiza posture to lotus!

6.) SpiBelt by …. Spibelt?

Yeah yeah, wanna lost 15 lbs we get it. I’d like to do so by starting to run outside! I’ve always gone to the gym to run on the treadmill. That is damn wasteful. I’m poor as hell– what am I doing paying a place $25 a month to run? I cancelled my gym membership a while back, but never got to running outside. I just downloaded Zombies, Run! which seems like an AWESOME motivator to get out there, but I need to carry my phone to use it! Which means I gotta have a running belt!


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