2014 Resolutions!

I aint a’scared to admit it. I LOVE resolutions. I love setting ’em, working at ’em, failing at ’em. I love it all! And my favorite part, by far, is going back and looking to see if I achieved them in a year’s time. I did so-so on my goals last year and hope to kick all my goals in the patoot this year! To make things easier, I’ve decided to focus on very broad goals, with a few specific mini-goals as a means to achieve them. Leeet’s take a look!


1.) Health

(Art by Jeff Victor)

– Lose the remaining 15 lbs I need to make long-term goal weight!

I’m not too worried about this one! I’ve lost so much weight so far that I feel like this last little bit can’t possibly beat me (well, I say that now…). I’ll keep y’all updated with weight loss posts and so on.

– Reach out when I’m having mental health issues!

Last year was rife with problems for me on the mental health front. And I did nothing about it and didn’t talk to anyone about it. I think even just reaching out (even here on the blog, maybe) could be a helpful coping mechanism.

– Buff up!

I’ve always wanted to be really strong! Feminine, but also a fucking beast. It’s no secret that I love superhero comics, and ladies like Wonder Woman, Power Girl, She Hulk, and the like are huge influences on me to get super strong! Maybe even start a martial art??!!

2.) Blog

– Start doing Youtube videos.

But omg I’m so shy! But omg I want to! …. Omg

– OOTD posts.

Again. So shy! Also my wardrobe is a little uninteresting right now. I’m trying to only buy things that I think are truly me, rather than things that just happen to look good on my body, but that can be tough when you’re 5′ tall and have a 36G bust. When you find something that fits, you snatch that shit up. I gotta stop doing that.

– Nerd janks.

At this point y’all are probably like, “Does this girl just like to say she loves comics?” No, I swear! It’s true! What pretend comic fan’s favorite is Booster Gold, for fuck’s sake?

3.) Self

– Return to kindness.

I used to be a kind-hearted person. People would be shocked if I even said something that could be construed as slightly negative. I feel like I’ve become quite a bit meaner and negative in the past few years and I really want to feel the healing power of kindness again.

– Buddhism.

I’ve practiced Buddhism for several years now, but in the last year, I’ve fallen out of things a bit. I meditate less, I rarely listen to dharma talks anymore. I don’t set out with the intention to be mindful of myself and anything else throughout my day. One big thing I’d like to do this year is go on a retreat to take the 5 Precepts. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but never had the courage or will to do.

– Be more active in causes I care about.

When I lived in Virginia, I was extremely active in social and political issues that mattered to me. I’d be at the General Assembly in Richmond, making sure my voice was heard. Since I’ve moved to Pittsburgh, I’ve become more or less complacent as the issues are a bit less pressing and extreme here. But I’d like to go back to my vegetarian life, at least.

The rest of my resolutions are smaller honorable mentions:

– Get my first tattoo!
– Start stretching my ears!
– Take a road trip alone!
– Read a bunch of books!
– Go to some comic book conventions!

Etc etc…


13 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions!

  1. These are great resolutions. Things you can work towards and that’ll help you grow into an even more awesome person ^_^ I’m excited to see where your journey takes you this year!

  2. Hello Elyse! I love your post about your resolutions! Who doesn’t love resolutions?! :) So I actually have something that may help you lose those last 15 pounds you mentioned. I’m actually giving away a free bottle of it on my Facebook page. Check it out https://www.facebook.com/offthewallessentials .. There are also things that can naturally and effectively help with depression, anxiety, allergies, headaches and more and, if you are interested, I could send you some of them to try out for yourself.

  3. Just do it – seriously record it, see how it goes.
    You can then chicken out with the uploading part, but it is so much fun.

    I did a vlog as part of a blogging challenge (I never would have otherwise) and I could not believe just how fun it was.

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