Wednesday Wants Vol. 12

1.) Gnome Away From Home Sweater via Modcloth

I’m going through a Scandinavian and German fairy tale kick right now, so this gnome sweater is just killing me! I know it’s for men, but whatever man I want it! On a side-note, my boyfriend is terrified of gnomes and anything that resembles a gnome (like Santa’s elves– and even Santa!!). I don’t know if I’d get away with this!

2.) Hop Couture Loafers via Modcloth

Awwwww! LOOK AT THESE SHOES. Look at ’em! However…

These shoes are 439 fucking dollars.

3.) Black Sequin Dress via Humble Chic

So here’s a sad-ass story. MY boyf and I were invited to a cocktail party for New Years Eve less than 24 hours before the event. I don’t own a cocktail dress or a party dress, so I decided not to go and urged my boyfriend to go instead of being stuck with me. And that’s how I spent New Years alone. I’m making it my mission to buy a party dress now, so I’m never in that situation again!

(On another note, the place went up in literal flames right before midnight. So the gods exacted their revenge for me, I suppose..)

4.) Bee Bobby Pins by Vintage in Color

EEEEP! Bee stuff! I absolutely NEED some bee bobby pins, like, stat! Give ’em to me! Like I said last week, I’m obsessed with beekeeping (I’ll be taking courses and hopefully getting my own hive this summer!). Bees are one of my favorite animals (second only to bears) and are pretty much the most important animal in the whole world!

5.) Motivational Mug by ????

I don’t usually like ~motivational~ stuff. But when I saw this one on tumblr, it actually made me think… “huh.” Like. Beyonce has continually kicked ass and gotten things done since I was just a little girl. And she only has the hours per day that we have, and yet I never get ANYTHING done. Time to push myself, I think ;D

6.) Toadstool Collar Clips by Ladybird Likes

AHHHHHHH. Oh jeeze, these little dudes need to get onto my (like, one) collared shirt RIGHT NOW. Actually, this whole shop is GREAT. Collar clips, brooches (the pin-up girls, y’all!!!!). Did I mention the laser cut wooden bow ties?! Give me everything in this shop, please!


18 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 12

  1. Haha, I admit I laughed out loud at your ‘OMG shoes’ gif ^_^ I think every girl needs a sparkly dress (note to self – buy a sparkly dress) and I love the bee bobby pins, super pretty.

    • That video is the first thing I think of whenever I see really expensive shoes!

      Yeah, I’m finding out that not having a suitable party dress is pretty prohibitive in my adult life, ahh! Let’s get on that, haha!

  2. THOSE SHOES!!! Also really loving the bobby pins. I’m trying to grow my hair out this year, so cute bobby pins are a must.

    • RIGHT? Like, dang. I never thought about it that way! Sure makes me feel like an underachiever!

      HAHA. I think you’re right about the sweater! Better yet, I should gift him one ;D

  3. Ooooooh I love that gnome sweater and those bee pins are so pretty!!! Speaking of Gnomes….maybe I will plan ahead (unlike last year) and be a Gnome for Halloween! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! :)

    • Yessss! Be a Gnome be a Gnome! They’re such cute little guys. I’m on a Swedish folktale illustration kick and am obsessed with Elsa Beskow’s Gnomes and forest children and such right now! <3

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