Wednesday Wants Vol. 13

1.) Daisy Sweater from Humble Chic

I know winter is almost over already, but I’m the type who’ll wear a good sweater all-year-round if I’m in the air conditioned indoors! All my sweaters are getting pretty ratty now, and why not grab up a sweater that has a cute-ass daisy print on it. That makes it appropriate for spring. Right???

2.) Make Shroom for Me Flats via Modcloth

Like I mentioned in my last WedWan (my rad nickname for Wednesday Wants because I’m a hip young person), I’m currently really into Swedish folklore and fairy tales. You’ll find that the imagery is very forest and mushroom-heavy. So yeah I basically need these shroom shoes.

3.) Bubblegum/Marceline Rock Tee by We Love Fine

If Princess Bubblegum and Marceline’s romancey tension doesn’t give you feelings, then get outta my face! This is the shirt that Marceline gave Bubbs, and I WANT it for a PB cosplay like wooooaaaaahh! And just to have it because those two are cute cute cute!!

4.) Tatl and Tael Matching Necklaces by Hylian Crafts

Have I mentioned that I LOVE The Legend of Zelda. Maybe that goes without saying since if you DON’T like Zelda, then what are you even doing? I always enjoyed the kind of sinister forboding you feel when you play Majora’s Mask, and I would lovw to have some LoZ: MM jewelry!

5.) UGH Patch by Corpse Hands

Because that’s how I feel literally all the time.

6.) Puppycat Talking Plush by We Love Fine


*breathes in deeply*


I’m pre-ordering this right now! If you still haven’t seen Bee and Puppycat, what the fuck are you waiting for?! If you love Adventure Time or Sailor Moon or any like of old-school anime, it’s like all of that wrapped into one! It’s good stuff and you should look at it.


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 13

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    • Haha, if I could afford it I totally would! And if I could better be sure everything would fit right (my body types is weirdsies). The worst part is that the warehouse is right here in Pittsburgh, a mile from where I work— but I’ll still never be able to try anything on! xD

      • UGH that must be the worst! At least I can pretend I have some self control on the internet xD And I totally feel ya, I have a weirdsies body type too, which I suppose helps me not spend all the pennies I have (6 or maybe 5) on modcloth clothing if you wanna look on the bright side of things haha. :)

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