The Return of Ted Kord

So IGN has reported the return of my second-favorite comic book character of all time (my favorite being Booster Gold), Ted Kord. And I’m preparing for the event much like this:

Don’t get me wrong! I’m excited. Next to nobody has waited for this day with as much longing and desperation as I have. Ted Kord has but a small cult fan following. But it’s because I love him so much as a character that I’m utterly terrified to see him come back.

Ted is a little different than most heroes. He’s often “the guy who drives the van,” so to speak. He’s all brains and no action, but is charmingly upbeat and loves a good pun. Most importantly, he was rarely seen without best friend and partner in crime, Booster Gold (my very favorite comic book character). Their intense and loving friendship almost defined them as characters and is surely what people remember most about the each of them.

 (Their friendship is renowned as the closest in all of DC. Suspiciously so!)

Their adventures were often silly romps and money-grabbing schemes, but there were serious times too. The most serious of Ted’s stories was also his last (and a damn fine story it was!). I won’t spoil too much for you, but Ted’s character bit the big one in Countdown to Infinite Crisis: The Omac Project back in 2005. The story itself was really great and led to a huge sort-of-spiritual transformation of the character of Booster Gold.

(Me too, Booster!)

And not a day went by that I didn’t wish Ted could come back. Until the new 52.

I don’t hate everything in the new 52, don’t get me wrong, but so many characters have been handled in a way I despise, that I’m terrified to see what happens to poor Ted. He and Booster have suffered enough.

That being said, there’s the other part of my heart that’s swelling with joy. When comics are a medium you love, then you always want to read new stories about your favorite characters. You hate to see them suffer or die and you feel good when good things happen to them. While I’m scared that Ted will be handled poorly, I’m overwhelmingly proud and pleased that he’s beloved enough to see the light of day again. Rest assured, I will be buying the first issue of his return, every variant, and every subsequent issue, regardless of how things go.


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