Wednesday Wants Vol. 14

I’m having a bummer week, y’all! My health is failing big time! I’ve had a stomach bug, bronchitis, sprained my left rotator cuff (from coughing too hard!), and finally– looks like I might have an ulcer. So today is my prep day before having it checked tomorrow. Ugghhh! But having it done could save my life, so I’m sucking it up and just gettin’ it done!

Onto the fun sutff!

1.) Wonder Woman Bikini via Superhero Stuff

Let’s get one thing straight, I think anyone can wear a bikini. I, however, am very self-conscious about my body. I’ve been overweight since I was 12, but now I’m nearing my goal weight and am starting to feel like maybe I could wear a bikini! And what would make me feel more confident and powerful than a Wonder Woman bathing suit?!

2.) Aerospace Cadet Boots via Modcloth

Ahhhhhh! Look at these boots! I always want nebula clothes, but never know how to style them! I know this would end up the same way, but who can resist?! These are AWESOME.

3.) YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion by YSL

I fell in love with this lipstick when I saw it in a Temptalia review, here. The review itself is not for the lipstick (it’s for a really lovely blush!), but just look at it! It’s so cute and smooth and shiny and pretty! I want it, I need it, I gotta have it!

4.) Sailor Moon Decoden phone case by Ciali in Kawaiiland

Whenever I see cute decoden phone cases like this, it makes me wish I had a more popular phone! Ahhhh~ But I can admire from a far. And maybe learn decoden myself someday!

5.) Burt Ward Robin Bobblehead via Superhero Stuff

Need I say anymore?!

6.) Gotta Blast Tee via Modcloth

The double meaning here just speaks to me, man. I love space, as in the big thingy outside of our atmosphere (yes, those are scientific terms). And I need space as in, “Step off, fools. Gimme some room here!” A curmudgeon through and through.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 14

  1. Ooh I love the bikini and the boots, both are just gorgeous. Sorry to hear that you’re going through a bit of a rough health patch – fingers crossed you’re feeling tons better soon!

  2. That bikini. And sorry to hear about the health stuff. Ulcers are nasty business, but stressing less and a change in diet can do wonders. Take care of yourself, girl.

    • Just got back from the GI doctor with no ulcers or cancer to be found! So grateful! However, they also recommended finding what in my diet is causing irritation. Time to do some detective work!

      And yes. Dat bikini!

    • Me tooo! I want to get fit, if only to rock that thing out!

      Turns out, my scans came back clear except for some diet or stress related irritation! So alls well! Thanks so much for your concern!

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