Wednesday Wants Vol. 15

As a stark contrast to last month, this has been a great February so far! Hooray! Health is lookin’ up and I’ve been having a great week with my lovely boyfriend, who I will not be seeing for three months. Weeh wehhhh.  But the main thing is making the most of the time we have right now, right?

1.) Got My Number Two Socks via Modcloth

Jeeeezus! These are so cute oh my god. They would look cute in flats, but in my head, my beloved combat boots have these wonderful socks stickin’ out the top! Tough, but then with a cute teacher-y element to it.

2.) Bear Friend Society Patch by Mokuyobi Threads

Are you getting tired of hearing about how much I love bears? TOO FUCKIN’ BAD. Bears are life, man. Bears are life. I really don’t have a good jacket for patches anymore, but how can I resist?

3.) CATS CATS CATS Shirt by Original Cat House

Do I really need to explain why I need this? Do I need to explain why all of us need this?

4.) Hold On We’re Going Home Shirt by Passive Juice Motel

I know people are going to give me shit about enjoying this song by Drake… but all I see when I see him is Jimmy from Degrassi, and how could that be bad? But much more important that Drake or music or teen soap operas is Homeward Bound. If you don’t cry your goddamn eyes out when Shadow is under the train tracks, I do not trust you. Unforch– someone bought the shirt. Boooo.

5.) Command Yellow Star Trek Robe via Superhero Stuff

Semi-nude lazy girl on the bridge!! As you know, I’ve been going through quite the Star Trek re-awakening as of late. I’ve been wanting a robe for a long time now because I love being naked, but hate being judged by my neighbors who may happen to see me through the window.

6.) Baby Biscuit Bag via SpreePicky

Have y’all ever heard of Baby Biscuit? I went though a phase a few year ago where I really loved decoden and loli stuff. I never dabbled in it myself, but loved to look. I would ROCK this bad, however!

7.) Pizza Sweatshirt by Magic Circle Clothing

DUDES. LOOK AT THIS. Actually, look at the entire fuckin’ shop, because I basically just picked any ol’ random thing. Everything is just THAT GOOD. I’m going to buy everything, I don’t even care.


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 15

  1. One of my favourite things I got in Japan last year was my Baby Biscuit barrette. It is hands down the most expensive hair pin I have ever purchased and came in its own special Baby The Stars Shine Bright bag, which was 10 times bigger than the item itself. It is totally ridiculous and I love it.

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