Wednesday Wants Vol. 16

 So it’s been, like, two weeks since I last posted! And oh my gosh, what a two weeks it has been! Remember how my boyfriend was going to be leaving for Louisiana for three months? Well, I really wanted to spend as much time as I possibly could with him, which left very little time for blogging. WHELP, he decided the day before he was set to leave that he didn’t want to go after all. So there’s that, haha.

THEN, I was set to get my beautiful Jeep on Saturday. It broke down on in West Virginia, 4 hours away from my home in Pittsburgh. So the next day we went down for my brother to fix it. THAT worked, but another goddamn part broke! Arrrghhh. So we had to go back down to my hometown in Richmond (another 4 hours away), get a part the next day, drive back up, then drive back to Pittsburgh. All is well now, but sheesh!

1.) Pittsburgh Tote via Modcloth

Bet yinz guys’ tote aint as cool as this’n, ya jagoffs! Since moving to Pittsburgh, I’ve had to get used to a lot of things! The high quantities of German food, the accent, the brusqueness, but most of all– navigating the damn place. I mean, look at this:

(Picture by Dave Hallewell)

But it’s worth the confusion (sometimes!), to experience Pitsburgh’s many fun neighborhoods!

2.) Heart Leg Warmers by IMUNIVERSE

Loooooook how cute! Gahhh! Now, I’ve had combat boots for a very long time. When I was a wee teen-person, my dad took my out to the army surplus and bought me an old-ass pair of paratrooper jump boots. I’ve worn them nearly every day since! But I guess I never really though about dressin’ em up with cute leg warmers and socks! Too bad winter is nearing its end. Scratch that– fuck winter.

3.) Sailor Moon Shirt via Look Human

Omg. I’m going through somethin’ here where I’m obsessed with pink. So a pink raglan Sailor Moon shirt? UH. YEAH. I’LL TAKE TEN PLEASE.

4.) Agent Mulder Sparkly Brooch by Hood Rat Rough Diamond

Oooh Fox Mulder oooh! Heheh! Agent Mulder was definitely one of my first TV crushes! He was so matter-of-fact with his kooky deductions and somehow was always right?? Haha. I grew to totally be a Team Scully gal, but Spooky Mulder has a real huge spot in my heart!

5.) Talking Picture Flats via Modcloth

Waaahhhh! How cute are these?! I never want to buy shoes, even though shoes are really the things that tie outfits together. Still though. Having to buy them just makes me groan. I’m totally gaga over these cute little fellas though!

6.) Arthur Library Tank via Look Human

Although I’m having a love-hate relationship with the library right at this very moment (I’ve been screamed at and basically treated very poorly by patrons and stray children today), still. I stand by it. Libraries are important and fun and….. ahhh….


13 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 16

  1. Ohh my gosh I want that Arthur library tank!! Loved watching Arthur as a kid. c:
    Hope everything with the jeep works out!


  2. Love the Mulder brooch. Now I want one just like it with Kyle MacLaughlin from Twin Peaks… hmmm… Also, those leg warmers are HOT! Get it? Hot? Hoo, I crack myself up.

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