Goodbye Sochi Olympics.

I didn’t mention this in any of my posts recently, but I fuckin’ LOVE the Olympics. I’m a huge sap, and so the thought of countries coming together in the name of healthy competition and good sportsmanship. I know there is corruption and questionable scoring sometimes and yadda yadda, but on the whole, the Olympic games are a very benevolent thing that actually makes me proud of humanity.

For my boyfriend and me, the main person we were rooting for was Tina Maze of Slovenia.

You see, my boyfriend is comes from a Slovenian immigrant family. They worked very very hard here in the United States and have become very successful. I hadn’t even heard of Slovenia until I met my boyfriend– it’s a small country and is still in economic hardship. Aside from that, no Slovenian has ever won a gold in the Olympic games. So we were really pulling for her!

She ended up tying for first in Women’s Downhill (which is UNHEARD of!) and winning gold again in Giant Slalom. We were so happy! Honorable mentions for people we were Olympic-crushing on:

As for me, I’ve always been a biathlon fanatic! So for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend got my an interesting gift!

A Russian rifle, hahahaha!

Did you enjoy the Olympics this year? Who were your favorites?


9 thoughts on “Goodbye Sochi Olympics.

  1. That is awesome. I have never shot a gun, but for some reason I have always been fascinated by biathlon. What a unique gift!

    • Yeah, I’m definitely not your typical gun-owner, that’s for sure. I’m as liberal as they come and don’t hunt, but I’m obsessed with marksmanship and accuracy. I dunno, man. Just gotta have perfection!

      • I think you just hit the nail on the head. I haven’t tried it in years, but I just know I could rock the hell out of archery.

    • I’ve never practiced any of the winter sports either, but I guess I just love watching all the different countries do their best :’)

      And yeah! Both the opening and closing ceremonies were wonderful! Russia really put their heart into it!

  2. I -love- the winter Olympics, especially the ice skating (I’m a sucker for all those sparkles) and it was so awesome when the summer Olympics were held in England ^_^ Can’t wait to watch the Paralympics in a week or so!

    • Were you effected much when the Olympics were held in England? I imagine it can be both disruptive, but also really exciting!

      I’m excited for the Paralympics, but really bummed out that they’ll be airing it live in the US, rather than what they did for the Olympics. That’s, like, 3am! Argh!

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