A week of firsts!

It’s been a busy week for me, starting with a brand-spankin-new haircut!

Hooray! I’m always weirdly nervous about going to salons. I’m not worried about my hair not turning out the way I want or anything. Or that the stylist will do a bad job. I guess I’m just nervous about chatting with the stylist and trying not a to be awkward and explaining why my hair is such a dried out mess.

Well, it was actually a great experience and I love my new cut! I went to Salon 22 in the Lawrenceville neighborhood here in Pittsburgh and Sarah was my stylist. She was fun and nice and I’m going back again soon!

My next first happened just today! Remember that rifle my boyfriend bought me for Valentine’s Day? Well, I finally got to shoot it for the first time today. I also got to shoot my boyfriend’s revolver, which was a blast (no pun intended, yeesh!).

(My range permit! With some private info taken out,of course ;D)

(Shooting my rifle for the first time. Loud as fuq!)

(Shooting my boyf’s pistol! You can see from how evil I look that I had fun with that one!)

I really need to strengthen up. Between the 16 degree weather numbing me and how weak my arms and hands are, the rifle was really swaying on me after only 30 or so rounds! Gotta get some muscles on me!

What exciting new things have y’all been up to?


14 thoughts on “A week of firsts!

  1. Ooh looks like a pretty rad week! Your new haircut is super cute ^_^ I’ve never fired a gun before, I bet it was deafening! You look like you mean business in that second picture ;)

    • Thank you! I’m very pleased with it (though I can’t style is nearly as cute as my stylist did D; ).

      It was definitely startling! I had ear and eye protection, but we had the loudest guns at the range, haha!

  2. I love your new haircut! Your stylist did a great job! I personally have not been to a salon for a haircut in over 3 years…for the exact reason that you stated…I have some sort of social phobia at salons. I do plan on finally going to one though this summer or closer to fall for a new haircut. I have it all planned out and everything :)

    The only exciting thing I can think of in regards to my personal life right now is that I finally (for the first time ever) upgraded to a smartphone. I love it so much! Also…I’m excited about the Oscars tomorrow :)

    • Thank you! It’s just so awkward, huh? And you really have to build yourself up to it. I tried to get a haircut last November, but they couldn’t fit me in and I lost steam until just now, haha!

      And horraaaay, smartphone! I didn’t think I needed one, but I’m seriously lost without it!

  3. That hair cut is super cute. I’ve been excited about playing auntie this week since I’m visiting my sister and her kids until Monday.

    • Thank you!

      It’s real cheap here– $30! Although, I don’t have my actual “concealed carry” permit, which I’d need to carry or drive around a gun on my own.

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