February Wrap-up 2014

Hey doooodz! Wanna know how I feel about February right now?

Get outta here, man!

In all seriousness, though. It wasn’t totally a bust. There was early-to-mid month strife surrounding the acquisition of my Jeep, as you may recall. And there was also some drama about whether or not my boyf was going to be down below the Mason-Dixin line for three months as well. Spoiler alert: he didn’t go. But otherwise, things were pretty okay. So let’s get on with the wrap-up, shall we?

-New Jeep!

Near the end of November last year, my Buick blew a head gasket! Who the fuck woulda guessed that’s a real thing that happens and not just something old people complain about happening to their jallopies on TV?! Well, it happened and the car was essentially useless. Luckily, my family was able to get me a 2001 Jeep Cherokee for Christmas! WOAH. And now that my brother (who is a great dude as well as an excellent mechanic) fixed it up, I’m ridin’ around like a real badass.

Let me tell you, I’ve never experienced people driving so aggressively around me because of it. Dudes are lookin’ to dick-measure– cutting me off, looking over to see what kinda person dare drive a manly car on THEIR streets– too bad I’m a cute little lady, you weenies!

-Let the shoosting begin!


You saw it all last post, but my boyfriend got me a rifle for Valentine’s day (I swear I’m not nearly as woodsy as this post is making me out to sound so far). I finally got to shoot it yesterday, along with his pistol, and it was loads of fun!

Awww babyyyyyy! I put off watching the end of Breaking Bad for a really long time because I just was not emotionally ready for anything that awaited poor poor Jesse. So I finally watched the last 8 episodes yesterday with the boyf. And my emotional unreadiness was TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. Jesse, just fall into my arms you poor little puppy! Weehh!

So yup, definitely been ogling plenty of Aaron Paul pics, haha *wink wonk*

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8 thoughts on “February Wrap-up 2014

  1. Haha that’s why I love that we have big ass custom steel bumpers for our Jeep Wrangler. I’m like “hit me, I dare you because it’s gonna hurt you a hell of a lot more than it’ll hurt me.” XDD That and living in the city has made me a ragey driver. ;)

    • I’m definitely angrier now that I’m driving in the city– ick! I don’t drive aggressively at all, but there are certainly more times per day that I’m like, “I’VE HAD IT WITH THIS FUCKIN CITY” because of the traffic, haha/1

  2. I didn’t start watching Breaking Bad until a month or so after the series ended…and then I binge watched the whole thing and was sooooo worried that I was going to be pissed off at the ending because of the predicament that Jesse was in. So so so so happy with how things ended though. :)

    • Yesssss me too!

      ****SPOILER ALERT****

      At first I really wanted Jesse to be the one to pull the trigger, but I’m glad that Walt died by his own hand. I thought it was fitting that he was his own demise and that Jesse didn’t further dirty his own hands. And of course, I’m super glad that Jesse got away. Maybe he can go live a good life now :’)

  3. Is that my man Pinkman at the end there? c;
    I love Breaking Bad!!
    Congrats on the new car and shooting license!!


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