Radical Self-betterment! Lent at our house.

So as you maybe know, a few days ago was Ash Wednesday and that means Lent begins!

Now, I’m pretty dang far from Catholic. I practice Buddhism and don’t at all believe in a creator god. My boyfriend, however, while fairly skeptical, has always participated in Lent and other Catholic traditions. I can definitely appreciate the concept of interior renewal and giving things up for the good of your body and mind. So, while I’m not Catholic myself, I want to support my boyfriend during this time by abstaining from a few things as well. I know it’s always hard for me to avoid temptations when I see someone else just doing whatever, so I want to make things as easy on him as possible.

He’s abstaining from alcohol and tobacco (he only smokes when he drinks).

As for me, I’m giving up…. REALITY TELEVISION. How do I feel about that, you ask?

Of all the shows I watch, reality tv probably makes up about, like, 75% of it. None of the worst offenders, but I’m all about some Rupaul’s Drag Race, Project Runway, Say Yes to the Dress, and Four Weddings. Worst of all, I BUY episodes of all these things! My boyf is always on me about it, but I can’t stop myself!

So for these 40 days, I’m off the stuff! And fuck if I’m not feelin’ it already! But the bright side is that I’ll get more reading and gaming done (not to mention some exercise maybe? Haha!).

We’re also totally overhauling how we eat and what we do with spare time, but I’ll post more about that later!


4 thoughts on “Radical Self-betterment! Lent at our house.

  1. I’m not Catholic, but Christian, but like you said, the idea of renewal and giving up a vice–even if temporarily–is a great way to refocus. A reboot.
    I think I will try to omit a show for those few days, and Dr. Pepper…dang, even typing that out made me thirsty LOL!
    Good luck with your endeavor! :)

    PS: I love Drag Race and Project Runway too!

    • Yeah, I think anyone, no matter their religion or lack of, can benefit from giving their insides a little makeover now and then!

      You’re brave! I can’t give up diet Dr. Pepper– no way, no how!

  2. I love Lent so much, even though I don’t celebrate it in a religious way. This year, I’m giving up unhealthy snacking between meals (toodle-oo chocolate and chips in the evening!) Good luck with your challenge!

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