Wednesday Wants Vol. 17

Hey doooodz! Has spring sprung yet, where y’all are? Or.. maybe fall is starting soon if you’re in the nether-region of the earth (ooh yikes, that just sounds like you’re in the earth’s crotch). Well, anyway. I think we can all agree that it’s about damn time the extreme temperatures let up and the few measly weeks of pleasant moderate weather roll in.

1.) Rainbow Crystal Post Earrings by Magic Circle Clothing

I’m still not over this shop. I want literally everything it has for sale. Right now I’m really into pastels and crystals and spooky magic, so I’m super in love with these earrings. Problem being: one of my piercings closed up, like, 500 years ago. The right one is still open as can be; the left one would be a bloody mess if I tried to get somethin’ through there. I’m thinking about getting it redone soon, though!

2.) Articulated Rat Sculpture by Laura Mathews

You guys. You will NOT understand how amazing this is without going to the actual item listing. These are fully articulated, poseable, and really fuckin’ cool. Since I love rats, of course I’d want this one. But there’s a really rad horse and some cute flying pigs in there too. Check it out!

3.) Pennsylvania Polka Dress in Floral via Modcloth

I’m also obsessed with floral right now! AHH. Love. This would look SO good with red hair (although I’m bleaching it soon and going for peach!). No stretch to it, though, which may be a problem for me in the booby department.

4.)  Puppycat Sweatshirt via We Love Fine

Still lovin’ Bee and Puppycat! And in case you haven’t heard, Bee and Puppycat will be a comic soon oh my gooodddd! It’s coming out in May and I’m super-duper excited! WOW. Check out variant cover D! It has kurbits on it ahhggghghg!!! I need it, basically!

5.) Full Set of Legends of the Hidden Temple Shirts by Decals, Shirts, and More

If some of your fondest memories aren’t cheering on your favorite team on Legends of the Hidden Temple, then got out of my face. I was a Silver Snakes girl, through and through. But I’d love to have two full sets of these shirts and have a LotHT party or something one day!

6.) “The Shire” Soy Candle by Frostbeard

I’ve said this before, but if I were to live in any fictional land, it would be the Shire. The way the Hobbits live is, like, my ultimate fantasy! Just a bunch of little hairy humanoids being merry and working the land. Sounds poooifect! Anyway, go check out this shop because they have a lot of nerd-specific scented soy candles, like Dumbledore’s Office, Winterfell, and a bunch more!


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 17

  1. Oh Man! I want all the things here too!!
    And did you ever see any of the episodes where Kurt/Kirk/whatever the hosts name was on LotHT where he’s like high and/or drunk?!
    So freaking funny!
    And I like the Old-Lady-Sweater style of the Bee and Puppycat sweater!

  2. Omg I need a candle that smells like Dumbledore’s office for my own office! Thank you for alerting me to what I’ve clearly been missing all my working life!
    Also, puppycat has got to be the most adorable word.

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