March Fashion Inspiration!

Hey dudes! It’s so lovely outside right now and I feel crazy motivated in all aspects of my life, which is totally unlike my typical lazy bum self. One of the areas in my life that I’ve never worked hard on is cultivating a “look” for myself. I’ve always admired people who had a “look” and really dressed themselves and made themselves up to make people see them how they want to be seen.

That’s going to be my big goal for the year. Dress and do my makeup and hair in a way that brings out who I am, instead of taking no risks and just wearing clothes that fit. I know it sounds like a petty goal, but I’m painfully shy and have a lot of body issues, so building confidence is a huge thing for me!

Anyway, each middle-of-the-month, I’m gonna be posting the things and people that have been inspiring how I want to look! It’ll probably change over time, as tastes are wont to do, but there ya have it! Maybe I’ll become confident enough to do OOTD posts eventually, haha!

So without further ado, here’s my March Fashion Inspirations!

Lauren Mayberry

Ugh, I just love this girl’s look so much! So interesting!

Wednesday Addams

I’d love to be cute but with a hint of spookiness. Wednesday has that kind of dead, spooky look I’m going after.

Pastel Hair

I looooooove pastel hair, oh my gosh. If you couldn’t tell, though, I’ve got my heart set on peach hair in the very near future. Look out for it ;D

My question for y’all is, who and what are your fashion inspirations? 


8 thoughts on “March Fashion Inspiration!

  1. Great inspiration choices!
    Wednesday is always going to be my little monster of love.
    Lauren Mayberry is beautiful!!
    I really am pondering whether or not to go pastel, I love the hair!!


  2. I love “Jess” Zooey Deschanel from New Girl’s style. Cute frocks and flats! I wish I could have her wardrobe!

  3. Lauren Mayberry just became one of my fashion inspirations!
    But I really like Jenny Lewis, Joan Jett, Cazz from Nerd Burger’s style, and Zooey Deschenel’s style.
    I need a combo of the four of theirs…Cartoon Rock Star!

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