[Linkup] If My Blog was an Outfit..!

So I’ve been seeing this cute linkup going around called, “If My Blog was an Outfit.” The linkup was created by Hairspray and Highheels and there are lots of cool outfits to go check out, go look look look!

So anywho, here’s the outfit I created!

I love pastel colors and feminine colors, especially pink! I’m sure you can tell, just by looking at my blog. But I’m also a grump and a jerk and I curse and I complain and like to mix hard with soft. I like the juxtaposition of being cute, but a bit spooky and intimidating! So here are my picks:

Leather Jacket – My dad’s side of the family are an interesting bunch, made up mostly of bikers and gearheads! Leather jackets are just a staple.

Abstract Batman Shirt – While I do consider myself a geek, I don’t wear that title on the outside very often. Never-the-less, I like to represent for my man Bruce every now and again!

Pink Tulle Skirt – Despite being a geek and being a total sour-puss, I do like to keep things delicate and feminine as well. What’s more feminine than pink tulle?!

Black Leggings – Gotta cover up them legs, ya know?

Combat Boots – I wear combat boots every single day. I’ve worn the same pair since I was about 15. They’re old paratrooper jump boots and they’re worn out as hell. But I can’t go without.

Black headband – Just a lil somethin.

Octopus Necklace – My boyfriend got me this necklace a while back and I wear it every day! It’s become a signature for me!

You should join in too!


9 thoughts on “[Linkup] If My Blog was an Outfit..!

  1. Love this!!
    Reminds me of what I wore on Valentine’s day a year back.
    My combat boots, a skirt just like that, except sequins as the belt line, and I had a black floral tank with a thin fitted black zip up over it. It was quite lovely. c:
    Just like this outfit! I think if my blog was an outfit, we’d share tastes, haha.


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