Wednesday Wants Vol. 18

Dooooodz! Time for another Wednesday post! This week is an exciting one for me because I got a new phone! An iPhone! Movin’ on up in the world, I tell ya what. I also bought some rad as hell lenses for it and the pictures look really nice with ’em. Way nicer than my old HTC. I can maybe start doing some OOTD posts? Ack! Shy! Ack!

1.) Port of Amsterdam Sweater by Sheila Couture

LOOOOOVE this. And the whole collection, which is inspired by the Netherlands. Random fact about myself: I’ve always wanted to visit the Netherlands. Suuuuch a beautiful country!

2.) dick. Shirt by Strange Love Tees

There are a few comic book characters that I have a lot of emotional investment in. One of those characters is Dick Grayson. I love poking fun at him, though, and what can be funnier than the name “Dick” really?

3.) Bluth Frozen Banana Stand Brooch by Kate’s Little Store

4.) Floral Bow by Becky, Queen of Frocks

I’m soooo addicted to floral on blue right now, ugh ugh. I want everything in floral on blue! I’ll have pastel pinky-peach hair soon and I think this will look good in it (◡‿◡✿)

5.) Never Nude Patch by Leigh La Loves You

Actually, I kind of want this for my boyfriend. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, personally. I love being naked as often as possible! If I had the body for it, I’d do nudie pics– for real! But the boyf feels that “bodies are for being ashamed of!” hahaha! Of course he doesn’t really feel that way. But he DOES hate being naked.

6.) Steve Buscemi Earrings by Harts and Stars



16 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 18

  1. Yeah Dick Grayson! I recently read The Black Mirror and I think it’s my favorite Batman arc so far. SORRY, Bruce!

    I went to Amsterdam four years ago and for the past month, I have been pining to go back. My Pinterest travel board has gone Dutch!

    • I. KNOW. I was totally up for Bruce just staying dead for the five years they’d originally planned on! Dick and Damian were a flawlessly lovable dynamic duo. So disappointed in DC for how they’ve handled the characters since then :(

      Waaahhh! I’m so jealous! I haven’t gone abroad in a long time. Need to get outta the US.

  2. That Dick shirt is great!

    You should visit The Netherlands some day soon! I lived in Amsterdam for 3 years and never wanted to come back. Darn visa limitations!

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