Big change!

So, on Friday, I decided to go through with something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Here are the before and after shots!


Woah! This is a big and meaningful first step for me, confidence-wise, with pastel hair coming soon!

I wanted to actually finally act on my interest and just jump in before I had the time to talk myself out of it. In the past, I’d have filled my Pinterest boards with ideas of what I wished I looked like, but would always somehow talk myself out of it because of this or that– too fat, not enough money, what would people say?

This time I will not indulge my fear of change or being noticed! I’m not backing down, even after ALREADY being told by a near-stranger that they didn’t like it. If this were a couple years ago, I would have been miserable having anything about my looks insulted. But I’m determined to be the person I want to be this year, even if it will attract some negative attention. This is the year I do things for ME.

Updates pictures to come soon!


24 thoughts on “Big change!

  1. I’m going platinum too! I’ve already done the lower part of my hair to get my co-workers used to it (someone even asked if I was “trying to be white”…I know, WTF right?).

    Go for it! I think you look great, and I can’t wait to see the pastel!

    • Man! People sure do feel like they have the right to be super rude whenever you do something with your own body that they personally wouldn’t do with theirs. Jeeze! :/

      But anywho, I’ve got pink hair as we speak and it’s awesome! LOVE it!

  2. Get it girl. I am reinventing myself this year, as well. I embrace change and feel that too much of my life has gotten tired and wah-waaah boring over the last few years. Time for some serious revamp!

    • Wish I had that urge to change like you! I’m the type who stays in a rut forever. But I think this is the year to push myself! Let’s both get awesomer (…sure, that can be a word) this 2014!

    • Agreed! I’ve already had some comments, but jeeze louise. It’s just hair. And MY hair at that. As we say here in Pittsburgh, people gotta stop being suh neb-noses!

  3. You look so cute with light hair – I can’t wait to see the pastel color! (Peach, right?)

    I know what you mean – I’ve talked myself out of sooo many ~risky~ choices. It’s a big reason why I dyed my hair red so spontaneously. Enough is enough! Haha :)

    • Well, you’ve already seen it on my instagram, but yes! Peach…. ish pink :D

      I totally get you! Sometimes you gotta just do something before you have the chance to even look back!

  4. Looks awesome!! Go all out and do what you want.. it will be super fun :D If someone says something bad about it, then smile at them and say I LIKE IT~~ I don’t know why people think their opinion matters?? lol

  5. Yayy congrats! It’s so awesome that you did this…it takes guts to say “HEY UP YOURS YOU MORONS, how do you like me now? OH RIGHT–I don’t careBYEEEE”. Ugh, other people. You are definitely an inspiration :) Also..I think you need to tell that near stranger to get better insurance, because his obviously doesn’t cover eye exams. You look great! :)

    • Thank you! I’m totally trying to learn to care less about what other people think. I feel like it only serves to make me unhappy and keeps up a cycle of pretending to be someone I’m not. Pink hair, it is!

  6. We’re just two redheads gone blonde. c;
    I seriously remember telling you in the past to never dye your hair!! Lmao!
    However, I think you look great. So will pastel hair.
    Can’t wait to see updates!!!


  7. Good for you & it looks great! I love doing crazy colors with my hair & find it freeing & love to see others do it. You’ll find more people find it cool (especially kids, it’s hilarious & fun to hear kids in awe saying “look mommy she has purple hair!!”) than people are against it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • My hair is pink now, and I’ve never felt more confident. When someone insulted he blonde hair, I felt really crummy. But when someone says something about the pink hair (I’ve had only a few negative comments– most people, even old people, think it’s really cool), I revel in it. Like– “Hah! I’m GLAD you don’t like it, jerk!”

      I’ve got it pink right now, but I want to go even farther and I’m doing half-pink half-mint soon! Hoorah!

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