Wednesday Wants Vol. 19

What up doooodz! It’s been a fun fun fun week! I got my hair waaaay bleached! Then I dyed it pastel pink. This is the first time I’ve done unnatural hair color and I. LOVE. IT. I was really self-conscious about the blonde, but the pink makes me feel awesome as hell! So fun! Adding in mint soon *winkwonk*

1. Moonrise Kingdom Notebook by Very Troubled Child

I love me a good Wes Anderson film (though I still haven’t seen Grand Budapest Hotel, grrr), and Moonrise Kingdom was cute cute cute! I really identified with Suzy, so this notebook designed to look like the book her parents had in the movie just speaks to me, man.

2.) Love This Life Panties via Modcloth

Here’s something about me: I LOOOOOVE lingerie. I’m obsessed with fancy undies and strutting around in cute underwear (and frankly, being totally naked– let’s be real). It doesn’t get much cuter than these with the cut-out over the booty! Awww! Though my booty could get into better shape before slipping into these, haha.

3.) Eyes on the Ties Blouse via Modcloth

UM. How could I NOT be all over this bear-print blouse. I’m loving the built-in lady tie blouses right now and the fact that it’s printed with tons of little bears is TOO. MUCH. for me. Oh gosh! You have to click through to see the bears, but jeeeze so cute.

4.) Dreamboat Come True Dress via Modcloth

The moment this dress hit Modcloth, I was like:

If I had them dollah billz, I’d have that dress.

5.) Tooth Earrings by Sleepy Mountain

Guess who’s getting her ears re-pierced this weekend? THIS LADY. I want to eventually get to the point where I can wear plugs, but one of the holes is closed up. So it’ll be a loooong time before I can start stretching ’em, but the first step is to just get them pierced, right?  In the mean time, these would be totally cute post earrings!

6.) X-Files Season 10 Vol 1 via Things From Another World

The X-Files was my first huge non-cartoon TV obsession and I was REALLY disappointed with how it ended. Luckily, in the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the story is continuing in comics! There’s even another comic with the Lone Gunmen as the stars! I haven’t gotten the single issues, but I GOTTA have the trade, dude.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 19

  1. You always have the best wishlists! If I had infinite money, I’d throw it at ModCloth.

    I am in the process of stretching my ears now – I almost wish I hadn’t had them pierced before. You can tell them your intent is stretching and they’ll pierce the initial hole with a larger needle, which will knock out some of the beginning sizes for you! I’m only at a 10g (need to stretch up to an 8g soon but keep forgetting, haha) but my eventual goal is 0g :D

    • Ughhh me too! Being poor is the pits!

      That’s really good to know! I wonder if that’ll still work for me, since the holes are still kiiiiind of there (just can’t get anything through the back of ’em). 0g is about what I want too. But we’ll see if I get addicted and want to go bigger, haha!

    • I always think, “What an interesting goal job!!” when people tell me they wanted to be dentists (though I’m totally nosy, so I tend to think that about everyone)! What drew you to it? :D

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