March Wrap-up 2014

Hooraaaayy! Finally a month that didn’t totally suck buns! March was a tame, but nice month with weather lookin’ up and lots of happy stuff is happenin’!


Yaaaay, finally! Didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it, but the good thing is that it’ll fade in only a few weeks and I can do it again any way I like! Sorry about my chapped as hell lips. I was out in the cold all night last night!


I went to my first Pirates game of the season last night (hence the chapped lips in the pics above) and it was AH-MA-ZING.We wond 12 to 2. Total annihilation! I’m a huge baseball fan and PNC Park is within walking distance from my house. There will be many more games in my future!


Need I say more?!!! About to rewatch the original entire series– anyone interested in goofy reviews? Heheh.

♫ What I’ve been listening to:

Right now, I’ve been writing a lot and I CANNOT focus on writing when I have music with lyrics in the background. So I’ve been listening to a lot of awesome movie scores to inspire! How can you NOT be filled with inspiration when listening to these great pieces of music?!

  • Lord of the Rings Score – The Shire (Concerning Hobbits) (Oh weeehhhh, I cry every time I hear it!)
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Score – Main Theme (This is a really really important piece of music to me. It solidified in my mind everything that Batman is. Tragedy, darkness, noir, but with a glimmer of hope in a dim world. And it’s composed by a woman, the late Shirley Walker.)

♫ What I’ve been watching:

  • Nothing yet, but I’m going to go see WINTER SOLDIER TONIGHT. AHHHH.

♫ What I’ve been reading:

  • The Magicians by Lev Grossman (Trying to make myself read fiction. This has been advertised as “Harry Potter for Adults.” And while I dislike the implication that adults can’t enjoy Harry Potter, I am liking this too!)

♫ What I’ve been playing:

  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicals (Tales of Symphonia is my favorite game outside of Ocarina of Time and The Last of Us. That it got an HD remaster is SO EXCITING to me. Gonna play for every ending, heheh!) 

9 thoughts on “March Wrap-up 2014

  1. You’re so beautiful.

    I was thinking about checking out The Magicians. I read a review on it somewhere…
    Didn’t know anything about Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, but I’ve always loved Ocarina of Time. I’ve heard The Last of Us is suppose to be good.

    So, I looked up ToSC on youtube annnnd I dunno – maybe not for me. The last game I was really into was a Metal Gear Solid. I think it was Guns of the Patriots. I love Snake. I’m actually in need of a good, engaging game…

    • Wow, thank you so much!

      ToS is DEFINITELY not for everyone! Like most JRPGs, it’s cheesy like WOAH. My boyfriend laughs through the entirety of my playing it! But if you like action-adventure games with some stealth aspects, definitely play The Last of Us. Not only is the gameplay great, but the story and characters are some of the most engaging I’ve ever come across in a game!

  2. I’m so excited for the new Sailor Moon it’s ridiculous. This week totally going to see if my son with let me get away with marathoning the series in preparation. Considering how much he loves his Luna plushie (it was mine but he totally nabbed it) I think I have a good chance, haha.

  3. Batman: MotP was such a GOOD movie!
    Not just animated, but ANY type! I feel as though it is often grossly underrated!
    And I am rewatching Sailor Moon too (I just need to find “Super” that’s the only series I don’t have out of the 5)!
    I can’t wait for the new Sailor Moon!

    • SOOOO agreed! I think anyone can enjoy it. It’s totally the feeling I think of when I think “Batman!”

      Yeah, it’s gonna take forever, but I’m determined to rewatch it all before the new series!

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