Winter Soldier thoughts!

So, I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier this weekend! It was probably the Marvel movie I anticipated the most, because out of all of the initial Marvel movies, Captain America was my favorite by a long shot!

I saw the first movie shortly after I started dating my boyfriend. We both enjoyed it so much that it was the first movie that my boyfriend ever went to see in the theaters more than once. Of course it helps that my boyfriend is an out-of-touch war vet, also named Steve, haha. But what we really liked is that there was just ONE hero out there doing good because of good’s sake. In an era of “gritty, realistic” superhero movies, Captain America dared to let the character be what he was: a good person.

So when we went to go see Winter Soldier, we had really high hopes that it would have a similar feel. It did not.

Now, before you start raising your fangirl pitch forks, do know that I enjoyed the movie. But I genuinely feel like it suffered from what a lot of “second-movie-out-of-three” movies can’t seem to avoid. It was all action, with the charm and development of the characters coming in a distant second. Because of this, the movie was just kind of forgettable to me! There were so many action scenes, that nothing really stands out to me until they just finally got to the fucking point right at the end.

Obviously this is all to set up the next movie, but gimme SOMETHING to emotionally latch onto, ya know?

Not only that, but they were trying to make it just as much a Black Widow movie as well as a Cap movie, and I think Natasha really overshadowed Steve a lot of the time. Really this problem could be solved if the powers that be weren’t convinced that a female lead won’t sell tickets so that Black Widow could get her own movie, but that’s a different argument for a different day.

Basically, my reaction is: it was alright. Nothin’ to write home about.

What did y’all think?


4 thoughts on “Winter Soldier thoughts!

  1. I didn’t like that it felt like there were multiple times where the movie could have ended. I think two or three times there was a moment where I thought “okay this would be a good ending”.
    There WAS a lot of action but I really liked it…at least the parts with Winter Soldier because hes so cool!
    I also hated that they decided to make this movie be a somewhat back story/character development for Black Widow. She just needs her own movie instead of having them cram a bunch of her back story into someone else’s.

  2. I loved it. I liked the peak into Steve’s current situation of displaced knight. He still wished to do good, and his character was consistent. Nothing he said or did was completely out of the blue, for an already established character. His psyche was there, and consistent, like in real life. Which is the thing I HATE the most about Fox’s “X-Men” travesties.
    I felt this was stronger than CA:tOA in that the movie’s flow was a lot more cohesive, and, the characters were seemed more actualized. I found it to be one of he better sequels since The Dark Knight.

    I also liked the hinting at the fact that they may be going into the story lines where Bucky takes over the CA mantel…and everything which THAT story may entail! **SQUEE**

  3. I actually loved it . Of course, I went in with very low expectations because of the mess that was Iron Man 3, which had previously dashed my hopes for the post-Avengers movies. Why I hated Iron Man 3: I thought it was poor storytelling. the plot was all over the place; so much so that they had to rely on narration…. they didn’t SHOW, they TOLD. Captain America was the opposite: His actions showed his character’s struggle and subsequent development, without having to shove it in our faces with too much narration. Also….although this shouldn’t count for any opinions on the actual movie…(I’m assuming spoilers are okay here) Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! YES. So. Much. Yes.

    I 100% agree that they needed to lay off the Black Widow stuff and just give her a movie already, though.

  4. Personally I loved it, and even cried a few times. To me, this movie was filled with emotion! Yes, it had action and fighting, that’s to be expected but I think it has heart too. The story between Steve & Bucky is just heartbreaking.

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