Wednesday Wants Vol. 20

Happy Wednesday, dudez! I’m feelin’ super exhausted this week even though I have nothing really going on. But the good news is hat I have a three day weekend! Friday is my 3 year anniversary with my fella, so I requested the whole weekend off, woohoo! Sunday is Easter and my fella’s brother is officially converting to Catholicism, as his fiance is Catholic. All-in-all, a pretty exciting few days to come! What do you have planned for the holiday?

1.) Peter Pan Collared Dress via Missguided

I’m loooooving this look lately. I really wish I could wear something that just hangs down like this, but oof. It would be a terrible with the bod I’ve got. I’m just not built for loose-fitting clothes.

2.) Seashell Belle Sandals via Modcloth

Waaahhh~! Soooo cute! I’m into Mermaid stuff right now (aren’t we all?), so these are too fuckin’ adorable! I think I may actually just get these guys!

3.) Took a Shower Patch by Hanecdote

I genuinely feel pretty proud of myself when I get a shower. It just feels like such a waste of time, having to make myself shower. Like, I could be watching Rupaul’s Drag Race right now, but I have to go stand in water for 20 minutes! Boo.

4.) Sculpture Pin Curl Tool

I’m super terrible at setting my hair up in pin curls. I’ve got the clumsiest fingers on planet earth, I swear! So I’d really love to have one of these!

5.) Dried Flower Plugs by The Gauge Queen

I haven’t begun stretching my ears yet, but you bettah believe I’ve got a butt-ton to plugs in mind for when I’ve got ’em stretched out enough!

6.) Nightwing Funko Pop! Figure via Superhero Stuff

My reaction to “Grayson?”

NOT. INTO. IT. But I’ll discuss why in depth later.

Nightwing 4ever!


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