April Fashion Inspiration!

It’s time for this month’s fashion inspirations! I’m working hard on dieting right now in hopes that this summer I can really look like the petite, spooky, pastel grump I aim to be! Anywho– here are a few of my inspirations of the month!

1.) April Ludgate


April for April! She’s a fashion inspiration, AND a life inspiration! Aubrey Plaza is really really gorgeous and literally everything that comes out of her character April’s mouth gives breaths life into my grumpy bones! There are tumblrs that track her outfits each episode (but usually they are expensive pieces from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie… I’m more of a Goodwill and Ross Dress For Less kind of gal).

2.) Aly Antorcha

Apparently I’m like WAY out of touch, because I pinned a picture of this gal on ages ago and only just now looked her up for the purpose of this post! Apparently she’s tumblr-famous? And maybe not-well-liked, according to Urban Dictionary? To me, that’s all beside the point, because her hair is WAY gorgeous! Wow!

3.) Megan James

Megan James is part of an electronic group called Purity Ring (which you should totally check out, by the way) and I’m totally obsessed with her look! That hair, that hair!

Who or what are your inspirations this month??


12 thoughts on “April Fashion Inspiration!

  1. Love April Ludgate!!
    I am with you on the looking good for the summer.
    Especially since my sister is getting married in September. D:
    I better be lookin’ sexy!! Haha.
    My hula hoop is my inspiration at the moment. c;
    Have yet to find human inspiration, maybe I should find some too!!


    • Exactly! My boyfriend’s brother is getting married in the fall, too, and I wanna be slammin’ hahaha!

      I hope you recover soon so you can get back to your beloved hula hoop!

  2. Ahh, that pastel hair is gorgeous! My school has a terrible-awful-no-good-very-bad dress code rule that our hair can’t be crazy colors, but I’m definitely doing at least a strip of turquoise somewhere in my hair for summer…and then maybe not taking it out. Hehehe, rebellion!

  3. OMG YAAYYY someone else out there who likes purity ring too!
    I’ve only recently gotten to start listening to them actually but their sound is amaziingg :P

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