Wednesday Wants Vol. 21

WOOOOAH. Hey dudes. Sorry for the absence– I’ve been all over the place lately. With Steve going back to his job this month, things have been hectic with only one car. Usually he would just ride his bike, but it’s still a bit chilly and rains like a sunuvabitch. So a lot of my time outside of work is used to get him to and from work. Busy busy!

1.) Sailor Moon Patch by Cherriesama

Uhhhhhh yes please!

2.) Mouse Patch by Cat Coven

Awwww jeeze! This is too cute! I really love rodents and used to have two rats and they were just the apples of my eye! I’d love to have some rodent pets again, but my heart is too weak to handle their eventual passing away right now… But the patch is sure cute– too bad, it’s sold out :(

3.) X-Files Conspiracy Hardcover via Things From Another World

A comic book series about the Lone Gunmen? Yeah-huh!

4.) Doctor Muscles Cap by Burger and Friends

Because of my muscley beach bod that I totally have.

5.) Rolling Pin by Valek Rolling Pins

Dudes, for real! Go look at that shop! So many really cool rolling pins, it was really hard to choose! This one prints burgers and fries, but there are cats, lightning bolts, cats, and dinos! Omg.

6.) The Lion King Sweatshirt by We Love Fine

It’s no secret that The Lion King is one of my very very very favorite movies! I once went to the aviary, heard Lion King music playing in the background, and cried because I was so moved! I really truly love that movie. And I would rock this sweatshirt hard!


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 21

  1. Love this collection!! That Sailor Moon patch is awesome! And the rolling pin is AMAZING – I think I want all the rolling pins! I think I know someone who needs the Doctor Muscles hat, too :D Great finds!!

  2. holy moly I love that Lion King jumper. I would cry if the soundtrack played in an aviary too. :)

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