April Wrap-Up 2014

Hoooowdy Part’ners! April has been a hell of a hectic month for me! My boyfriend went back to work (which means I’m driving him to and from work while it’s still cold), I had my three year anniversary, and my mom and aunt came for a visit! It’s been fun, but there’s never been a good time to post, argh! Let’s hope May is a wee bit calmer!

 Three Years!

April 18th was three years with my boyfriend! I remember that evening like it was only moments ago (I’ll tell you the story of how we got together some day– it’s cute, I promise).

I got him a 1-hour hands-on flight lesson at the local aviation school and he got me…. *drum roll*

 Sewing Machine!

That’s right! My wonderful, lovely boyf got me a sewing machine! You know what that means! Cosplay is in the very near-future! I’ve got a few beginner-level costumes planned out already! Can’t wait!

♫ Bianca Del Rio

Ohhhhh my lord. Bianca gives me LIFE! Not only is she HI.LA.RI.OUS, but she reminds me that it’s okay to be a furious grump, as long as you’re also a kind and giving person. She’s totally my hero and I’ve already been looking up tickets for live shows!

♫ What I’ve been watching:

  • Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 6

After my (only somewhat successful) giving up of reality TV, I’m back with a vengeance, and this season of Drag Race is probably my favorite! Even more-so than season 4 maybe!

  • My Cat From Hell

It’s baaaaack! I just really like cats attacking human beings, but then finally finding peace and happiness, okay?

♫ What I’ve been playing:

  • The Last of Us (yes, agaaaaain)
  • Habit RPG (as reviewed and recommended by GamerWife)

9 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up 2014

  1. Hehe. Happy to see you hooked on HabitRPG ;) And I miss Drag Race something fierce. I caught a few seasons when we had an IP spoofer and I could get US Netflix, but we don’t have cable and I have no Drag Race hookup. :(

  2. I haven’t watched Ru pauls in years. I can’t wait to get watching season 6.Congratulations on the anniversary too. :)

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