Wednesday Wants Vol. 22

Another Wednesday is HERE! The coming weekend for me is going to be C-RAZY! I’m getting my roots touched up and then I’m touching up my berry hair. On Sunday it’s my boyfriend’s birthday! He’s turning the big 3-0! Not only that, but it’s also his dad’s birthday! But wait, you say? Isn’t this Sunday Mother’s Day in the US? Yes! It is! So we’re celebrating him, his dad, his mom, and my mom! Busy busy!

1.) Beige Tulle Skirt via ChicWish

I’m just dying over tulle lately! I love dressing it up with something really tough or edgy looking like a studded denim vest or a leather jacket! I want a tulle skirt in every color and won’t stop until I’ve got ’em (or become bored with ’em, haha).

2.) Get Into Orbit Shoes via Modcloth

What has two thumbs and STILL aint over galaxy print?! THIS gal right here! Galaxy till I die!

3.) Cat Tank by Original Cat House

I loooove this! Tucked into a high-waisted circle skirt or worn over some daisy dukes? Woohoo! Love weird cat stuff!

4.) Impress Rehearsal Dress via Modcloth

Again, this is something I’d dress up with some edgy pieces! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still wear a big-ass bow in my hair– but big, shiny, studded black boots are what would make this great!

5.) Glittery Wooden Bowtie Necklace by Ladybird Likes

I still swoon over everything in this shop! I’m definitely not above wearing an actual bowtie, but wearing a necklace with a bowtie made of wood makes it a little bit sweeter and neater!

6.) Diamond Patch by Homework Party

Can you tell I just really want to deck out a denim vest or jacket right now?


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