May Wrap-Up 2014

Hey dudes! Wow! What a month. Well, not here on the blog, obviously. But in life, things have been a roller coaster! As usual, the fates were not on my side (I swear I’m one of the unluckiest people I’ve ever met), but we’ve made it to the middle of the year, and I’d dead set on making things go my way from here on out! So let’s wrap up May and throw that shit in the dumpster, shall we?


Let’s at least start with the good, shall we? A you can see, I’ve gone bright! On top is Punky Color Flamingo Pink fading down into Punky Color Plum! I’m really really fond of it and have gotten almost nothing but compliments! Even from people I expected would hate it! The purple faded a bit more quickly than the pink, so I’m going to do a good touch-up soon, but overall the staying power of this brand is TOPS compared to Manic Panic. A++ would use again!


Annnnnd the bad. The day after Memorial Day, I was stricken with the worst virus I’ve ever had in my entire fuckin’ life! I woke up and immediately told my fella, Steve, “something isn’t right…” How correct I was. A couple hours later, my whole body was in intense pain, I had a fever, I was too weak to walk. I thought sleeping it off would help, but after a short nap, the vomiting began. I have literally never felt SO bad in my entire life. With about a million precautions, I avoided spreading it to anyone. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy!


I’m gonna be straight with y’all. I am pretty much a history dunce. I LOVE history, but the way I was taught it in school never caught my attention. I cannot learn a million exact dates. Doesn’t the importance of learning history lie in the significance of the events rather than the day it occurred? Harumph!  But this mini series by the History Channel (just like The Men Who Built America) really captures my attention! I’m learning SO much I didn’t know about WWI and WWII! Love it!

♫ What I’m Listening to:

  • Remioromen – Konayuki (I used to LOVE this song and I’m obsessed with it again lately!)
  • N*Sync – Anything by N*Sync, basically (speaking of taking a trip down memory lane!)
  • St Vincent – Cruel (Very Cher-like, don’t you think! Which is a good thing!)

♫ What I’m Watching:

♫ What I’m Playing:

  • Uncharted (My boyf loved Last of Us so much, I’m having him watch me play Uncharted… Yes, he watches while I play, haha)

I really want to take the time to thank everyone for your really kind words on my hiatus post! Things are crazy right now for my boyfriend. I won’t get into the details, but it’s really taking a toll on the two of us. It means so much to me that y’all care enough to offer encouragement. We’ll get through it, I’m sure. Thanks so much! Love you guys!


8 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up 2014

  1. You are so lucky your bf will watch you play! I ask my husband to watch me play, but he just ends up falling asleep. :( Sorry you got that horrible virus! And I seriously go on youtube and listen to old nysnc and Backstreet Boys music all the time… brings back so many memories! I’m also so happy SM is on hulu!!! I was sooo happy when I found out. Sailor moon rocks!

    • He’s a good sport, but he’ll only watch if it’s a game with subject matter he’s interested in. If I try to make him watch, say, a JRPG. Nope! Haha.

      Yess! I’m so excited about Sailor Moon as well! It’ll really gear everyone up and refresh people for the new series, I think!

  2. Oh my god you poor thing with the norovirus! I work in a hospital and we are paranoid about that stuff. You should proudly wear a badge of honour for going through that!

  3. I keep hearing that Sailor Moon is on Hulu now… I may have to sign up. I hope you’re feeling better! That virus sounds awful.

    • You don’t even need to sign up! It’s totally free to watch online! Woohoo!

      It was terrible! ;( But if a baby like me can get through it (I’m intensely afraid of vomiting!), anyone can!

  4. DUDE! Love the fact that your husband watches YOU play the games!
    And even thoughi own all but Sailor Moon Super I’ve been watching Sailor Moon on Hulu to support it/give it numbers!

    Gotta support the Princess of the Moon! ;)

    • Yes, he’s actually TERRIBLE at anything outside of N64’s Goldeneye! So he acts as the backseat driver, telling me when to reload and when he sees things to pick up, haha.

      Exaaaactly! I’m really hoping everything takes off, so they realize the fans are willing to sit through all those ads in order to get prompt subs when Crystal comes out! I know I am!

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