Wednesday Wants Vol. 23

What up dudes?! It has been a busy week at work for me! Next week is summer reading, so libraries all over the country are losing their brains trying to get ready. I make the displays, so I’ve got no time at work to blog (wha? who said that? I don’t do that! that aint me!). But I DO make a hella great display, so it’ll all be worth it!

1.) Booster Gold: Future’s End by DC Comics

Booster Gold is back! Hooray hooray! It’s no secret that Booster is my favorite character! So even when I’m utterly terrified that he won’t be portrayed in a way that is faithful to the spirit of the character I’ve come to love, I’m still excited that he’s getting any attention at all! But what dafuq is that powered armor? Yuck-o!

2.) Jupiter Star Power Stick Necklace by Starlight Deco Dream

Sooooooo dreamy, I need it! When I was a kid, I really looked up to Sailor Jupiter! She was always trying to reconcile her outward appearance and reputation with her love of girly things and gentle heart. As a kid with a reputation for being a troublemaker (thanks a million, ADHD-PI), she was an idol for me!

3.) Free WiFi Muscle Shirt by fASHLINdotcom

Can’t explain why I need it, but dang. I do. Because all anyone ever wants is free WiFi!

4.) Striped Dress via She Inside

I’m really into pleated skirts right now because they make hips look a bit bigger. Now, my hips are plenty wide, but I like them as wide-looking as possible! I might be one of the few people on the planet who feels this way, but I really like a good set of hips! It helps even out my ridiculous bust and just looks purdy, if you ask me!

5.) Studded Boots via ASOS

These boots are SO over-the-top! I’m totally in love! I like things that try so hard to look tough that they’re just obviously not tough at all! Just like me!

6.) Marty McFly Funko POP! by Funko

McFLYeee! I had and still have the biggest crush ever in the whole world on Michael J Fox! What is he? Like 50 years old now? Here’s a thing: when I first met my now-boyf, I thought he was so cute because he;s tiny and had a boyish face and voice, just like Michael J Fox, heheh.


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants Vol. 23

  1. I LOVE the sailor jupiter necklace. That shop is AMAZING!! I want the luna pen necklace. That was always one of my favorite gadgets. Also, I share DIY Ideas every Thurs! <3

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