Big changes!

Woah. Long time no blog, huh?

About a month ago, I let y’all know that my blogging may be sparse because of my boyfriend’s health problems. Well. The issues have gotten bad enough that we’ve decided to make a big life change.

Two years ago, we moved to Steve’s home– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love Pittsburgh, but as time went on, we realized we’d made a mistake. City life just doesn’t suit us, now that he’s in his thirties and, at heart, I am about eighty-four. These feelings built up until Steve started to become very ill two months ago. So two weeks ago, we made the decision to move back to my home-state, Virginia, to live with his family for a while as he recovers. It’s easily been the most stressful time of both of our lives and we just need to get back to a support system.

Though that’s the main reason for our move, I also just love my home with a huge passion. Richmond, Virginia is my heart. I can’t wait to get back! There’s so much that I miss!

So, things will still be a little quiet around here while we pack and move (~mid-to-late July). But I promise I’ll be back on it with a vengeance once I’m settled into my new home. After all, I don’t have a job lined up yet, haha!

Until then, please enjoy som’a’this:


3 thoughts on “Big changes!

  1. Good luck with the move. I know how hard it can be to handle difficult situations without a support system, so hopefully this will help. :)

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