July Wrap-Up 2014

Hey dudes! Today is moving day for me! I’ll be driving 6.5 hours from Pittsburgh to Powhatan, VA in a car with no air conditioning, YIKES! But I’ve got a but-tonne of newly burnt mix CDs for the occasion and I’m ready to go! This wrap-up will be more of a “what the fuck has Elyse even been up to? Sheesh!” Well, here ya go!


So I had to get rid of the pink! I’ve got interviews coming up back home and I can’t be havin’ them knowing I’m just some punk, haha. So here’s my pearly ‘do (sorry about the skin-softening filter– I had broken out really REALLY badly that week). I’m going to try to get it to blond before my Wednesday interview. When I get a job, I’ll ask about their unnatural hair policy, heheh!


So we’re leaving Pittsburgh today. It’s been a really fun two years, but it’s just better to be near family right now. Frankly, while Pittsburgh will always be a second home to me, I’ve very excited to be going back home to Central VA. We’ll be living in a rural county called Powhatan with his parents, and I’m excited to be back in the country! I need my space, man.


A few weeks back, my boss gave me a SCOBY that he grew while brewing kombucha, and I’ve been going crazy with it!

What’s kombucha, you ask? It’s a fermented tea that’s consumed as a health drink! It’s very very simple to make. You obtain a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, kind of a mushroom with bacteria), place it in cooled sweetened black tea (or any kind of caffeinated tea!) and leave it for a week. Ta-da! You have kombucha!

The fun part is the second fermentation, though. You can strain the kombucha into bottled with fruits or juices added. If you leave it out for two days, then refrigerate, this carbonates it! You have a delicious kombucha soda! I’m drinking grape kombucha soda right now! :9

♫ What I’m listening to:

  • CHVRCHS – Lungs (Can’t explain how much I love this right now)
  • Guster – Amsterdam (The feel of this song is definitely reminds me of the happier times in my adolescence!)
  • Poliça – Wandering Star (New (to me) band to look out for!)

♫ What I’m watching:

♫ What I’m playing:

  • Destiny Beta (Mixed feelings. I wanted more of an MMO feel than a multiplayer FPS feel…)
  • The Last of Us Remastered (OMG. Gorgeous. Not a huge difference, but noticeable for sure!)


This week starts my regular posting again, as well as commenting on others’ blogs again! You’ll definitely be hearing more from me. I’ve even started a blogging calendar to keep me motivated and on track! 



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