Wednesday Wants Vol. 24

Hey y’all! Today I have an interview at a library, so wish me luck! Eeeeep! I am, generally speaking, a good interviewee. I’ve never not gotten a job that I’ve interviewed for. But still. There’s a first for everything and I gotta make sure to turn on the charm!


1.) Pink Mushroom Patch by ????

So I saved the picture a while back with the name of the shop, but now I CANNOT find that shop for the life of me. I also did a google image search for it– no dice! But whatever. It’s so super cute, I would cover a whole denim jacket in just this patch!

2.) Bumblebee Bow by Always Anchors

As you know, I loooooove bumblebees and honeybees! I just dyed my hair red again, so I’m looking forward to wearing a lot of yellow– woohoo!

3.) Bow Skinny Jeans from Many Places

I was able to find these jeans on a lot of different Chinese websites! I recently gained quite a bit of weight because of stress, but when I lose it again (the sizing on those sites is very small!!), I’m absoLUTEly getting a pair of these.

4.) Alien Plugs by Magic Circle Clothing

AHHHHH. Give them to me, now!

5.) Whatever Shirt by fASHLINdotcom

Look at these awesome 90’s ladies as aliens. Look at them. Put them on your body! Seriously, though, Judy was one of my very favorite characters when I was a child. So ~dramatic~

6.) Pastel Kaiju Negora by Max Toy Co

Cute cute cute cuuuuuuute! I could never afford a Kaiju Negora (they’re really surprisingly expensive!), but man do I love them! Especially the pastel ones!


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