Wednesday Wants Vol. 25

Hey dudes! This was actually a kind of tough one. I have SO little money right now that I can’t even afford to think about wanting things, haha. But hey, I can always find a little something. So lets’a go!

1.) Floral Boots via Taobao

What would I do for these boots? Pssh, don’t even ask me– you don’t wanna know! They combine all my loves! Boots, floral print, and metal studs. *Fans self* Oooohhhh myyyyy.

2.) Lovely and Lush Bag via Modcloth

I really need a cute as fuck small bag for more fancy occasions. I know this wouldn’t be considered very fancy to most, but you know I can’t just be carrying around some plain thing, haha.

3.) Batman Arkham Knight

WHOOO’S STOKED? It’s no secret that I love BatmanAnd one of my favorite corners of the Batman universe are the Arkham games. Great gameplay combined with an obvious love and respect for the source material make for some AWESOME games, and I am so excited for the next installment with one of my favorite villains at the forefront: Scarecrow.

4.) Flying Burger People Eater Sweater via Modcloth

This one isn’t out yet, but ohhhh do I need it! I love cheeseburger themed things, haha. And can you have enough mint-colored sweaters, really, especially now that it’s fall in my neck of the woods!

5.) “Don’t Be a Prick” Wood Slice Painting by Jesiiii

Words to live by on an adorable little cactus!

6.) Cupcake Boobie Mesh Top by Knickerocker

Oh how I wish my titties were a little more shapely! This is a really cute, cheeky, playful top. All of Knickerocker’s stuff is SO cute and SO confident. Maybe some of their other stuff would suit my bod, haha.


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