Hero Box // Sidekick Box

Just wanted to give all my nerd friends a heads up for an awesome new program by Superhero Stuff! Seems they’ve jumped on the subscription box bandwagon (which I’m totally pleased about because damned if I don’t love me a good subscription box). I present to you: Hero Box!

In case you’re unfamiliar with how a subscription box works, here’s the pretty simple concept. You pay a certain amount of money each money, and you’re sent a mystery box based around the theme of the company. I’ve done makeup sub boxes, food, geek stuff. But my PASSION is big two superheroes! So when I saw news of this in a recent email– it goes without saying that I was pretty fuckin’ stoked!

“But Elyse, you fool,” I hear you say, “I only like Marvel! I don’t want a bunch of DC junk in my living space!” First of all, that’s whack (I’m a DC gal)! Secondly, no problem! You can choose to have your box stuffed with either Marvel or DC goodies! Like both? Feelin’ saucy? Choose, “Surprise Me!”

Now while I am affiliated with and do keep an ad for Superhero Stuff in my sidebar, I’ll have you know that I really dislike copious amounts of sponsored posts and advertising on any blog. So I want you to know that these dudes are NOT sending me a free box for review or anything like that (dang, I wish!). I just really love the idea of a specifically superhero-themed box enough to make a post about it. I’ll be buying the $30 Sidekick Box, personally (only workin’ 8 – 16 hours a week, man), and will definitely be reviewing it once my box arrives!

Hope to see what y’all get, should you subscribe!


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