30 Before 30 Bucket List!


Hey all! So, I wavered for days about the content of my very first post on this blog, and finally decided to jump right in with a 30 Before 30 list!

Most of the time I’m pretty content without having a ton of goals. I just wasn’t raised to be a “striver” who feels they need to take on the world and climb their way to the top. I come from a Swedish family, and may have a little less of the American Dream in me than the average gal. I’m satisfied with making it to my goal, and then just staying there forever. What can I say? I dream of being a mid-level bureaucrat!

So while I don’t have many regrets about the things I have and haven’t done, sometimes I get the slight pangs of, “Oh no! My youth can’t last forever! I need to get things done NOW!” Not often. But sometimes.

So, like any paper-pushing rule-lover… I made a list! Right now I’m 24 (turning 25 this November), so I tried to think of some things that I know I could manage in five years if I tried really hard. Some of these things will not happen– I’m alright with that! As I said, I’m not a go-getter. But this at least gives me a place to start trying!

Without further yadda yaddas, here’s my 30 before 30 list!

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