Baby Cactus Plant // Close Call!

So yesterday was certainly an interesting day! First, let me tell you the good bits!

I work in a public library in a small but packed neighborhood. And let me tell you. As much as I love love love my job, it can be trying. These kids aren’t bad kids, but they’re left to do as they please pretty much 24/7. Kids as young as 6 years old will be in the library shouting and playing computer games and getting into fights for HOURS at a time. Needless to say, it was a long summer for me!

Yesterday marked the first day of “Back To School!” Right on time, if you were to ask me. Like I said, I love my job, but I was getting burned out more quickly than I usually do at any place I’ve worked. A few months of a break is much needed! Hang in there, teachers! I know you feel the exact opposite!

Another neat thing that happened was, in our daily mail at the library, we got a little box for someone who had quit AGES ago.

It seemed like just a little freebie from a company (and the lady HAD been gone for a really long time), so I opened it up. I was expecting it to be a lighter or something (it was from a natural tobacco company), but to my surprise, I found this:

A little cactus in a keychain! I was so excited because I’ve wanted to start keeping cacti and succulents and such, but haven’t gotten around to going out and buying any! So now I’ve got a free start.

There’s a closeup of the little fella! I think it’s actually a succulent, but not a cactus? I’m not sure. I’ve tried to identify it online, but haven’t found anything that looks quite like this! The pictures aren’t great, seeing as I took them on my phone at work, but if you know what this little guy is, could you let me know? I’m excited to raise it and eventually re-pot him into a new home in my window!


Now for the not-so-great parts!

Yesterday, at random, my left leg became swollen and tight-feeling. Like it was firm after running or as if I was having an allergic reaction. Of course, these are the main symptoms of a blood clot in the leg.

After hemming and hawing for a while, I finally got my boyfriend to take me to the doctor– and they said they had no idea what it was! Auughh. But they didn’t seem concerned (and checked if I was pregnant– I’m not). So I went home and eventually recovered. It took 7 hours for the swelling to completely subside. It was very bizarre.

And it made me think. If it really were a blood clot, I could have died. And I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness about being parted from my boyfriend, should I pass away. A silly thing to think about when you may or may not be in mortal danger, but there you have it. I thought I’d be panicked (I was at first), but I just felt sad.

Sorry for the depressing bits, here. In the end, I’m completely fine (I think?!) and I live to see another day. But possibly facing your own mortality has a way of making you think about what or who it is you really care about!